Cue Card Confessions – The Wave…

Hey guys and gals, it’s been a few days since I spread some verbal carnage in the virtual world, so here I am :D. Well actually I wanted to present a lil’ bit of a special sum’n I’m working on, well the title of this post pretty much is the title of this new project I’m embarking on. People who know me know my tendency to go crazy in the head space with things I think of. I guess this is just my brain’s way of saying it ain’t happy with the stimulation it receives. None the less, it’s been a stressful and crazy few weeks…I’d go into details about it, but, if I do then I might say a lot of unparliamentry things that I could’ve avoided saying….it sucks when you’re your own censor board…you kinda sorta bleep everything…*sigh, smacks head*….None the less this new project in a way is a challenge for me, since I have a habit of writing long ass poems, so this in a way is a way for me was challenging. My inspiration was my lil’ stack of cue cards, that at the moment is kinda sorta scattered all over the place. If anything I hope this is something that grows at least for a little bit, I don’t envision much but it’s fun when you think of a project and go with the flow and see how far you can go with it. Feedback of any form, shape, size and format is greatly appreciated so go crazy and leave a lil’ sum’n in that comments section down below folks, if nething I can give you plenty of virtual cookies :P. Here goes nothing :)….enjoy!

Installment #1 – The Wave

I sit here,
In my corner,
In my place,
Oh unanswerable
Pondering life’s
Twists and turns
off late.
Pens and pencils,
At the ready,
To rewrite,
All and everything,
On a clean slate.
Whispers and words
Of encouragement,
Making their way;
Ever so gently…
Like soft, lapping
Amidst the turbulent
Of despair and hurt,
Residing and
The ground beneath
My feet.
Hold up…hold on…
They say.
Giving up, letting down,
Ain’t the way,
They say.
Let me be your anchor,
Your buoy, they say;
Take my hand!
They say,
Akin to a plea…
A prayer.
Follow my lead,
They say;
Let’s swim ashore,
They say.

A’ite peepz, time for me to go crack the akademia nut, hope all is well with all of you. Wishing all you awesome people only the very best that there is ‘cuz you guys deserve it. A’ite I’m off to not only crack the akademia nut but to ponder my next problem….replacement headphones….I HATE it when my headphones die their miserable death…sigh oh well, out with the old in with the new. Must find a way to maintain the peace and equilibrium quotient I oh so selfishly gain from my muzeeekkk!! Right well then kids, I’m off, have a fantastic week and weekend and g’luck for any upcoming Herculean tasks coming your way!

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