Well centennial does call for a celebration now don’t it? Who knew I’d hit the 100 mark? Okay fine so this is the 101st post but I hadn’t realized it was until I was fiddling around with a few other things that needed to be fiddled around with. I was going through this ‘lets change how this blog looks’ phase and as you can clearly see….not much happened there. None the less…What started out as a way for me to infuse some sorta humor quotient into my rather uneventful if not sun dried tomato life has definitely grown into my canvas heck playdough for my bouts of verbal carnage….well not without it’s share of victims of course especially those of y’all who take the time out to tune in. None the less I wanted to give a huge shout out of thanks and then some to you unshakeable and rather unbreakable soldiers who have marched on through these treacherous trenches of posts. Your grit, courage, stalwarty-ness (I just wanted to use the word…so dear language and grammar Nazis go with the flow if humor and easygoing-ness and cease and desist from throwing objects both real and virtual, thank you) and enthusiasm is definitely worthy if medals if honor and then some.

What can I say about getting yo this point and where it all goes from here? Firstly let me just say this is the first time I’ve actually hit the 100 mark with anything…okay fine that’s not true if you include TV shoes that have reached the 100th episode mark, and word limits…other than that no I don’t really recall any other century-tastic things I’ve done so far. I’m not one for promises and schnazz of the sort but hey a long as life has fun hurling (yeah life skipped the tossing part with me and promoted me to Hurlsville) curveballs and yorkers worthy of Malinga…be certain that I definitely will have a thing or 2 to say about it. So once again thanks for sticking around for those of you who have been arm twisted into reading as well as those of you who fall under the category of brave volunteers….you’re all shining beacons emphasizing the importance of literacy :P….and from my part here’s to another 50 posts before the next bunch of thank you’s pour out.

Well definitely look forward to updates because, with me, one thing is for sure…there always will be something or the other that will be updated…besides my brain i.e….apparently those weren’t part of the guarantee, warranty when the prototype was first issued. There are quite a few things I’m looking forward to this summer but hey I can’t list ’em all in one go can I? I mean where’s the fun in that?! Baby steps people…baby steps, one good small thing at a time! One thing I definitely am looking forward to, though it’s somewhere towards the end of August is, the release of the Angel & Faith series by Dark Horse Comics. Two very interesting and awesome characters from the B-verse who were played by equally amazing actors might I add. I always thought that if Angel had gone on for a few more seasons would Faith eventually become a part of the ‘Fang gang’? Personally I think she would’ve been a better fit with the L.A gang than with the Scoobies. Man I definitely would have loved to see the TV show equivalent but hey you make do with what you have and get right? At least there’s a comic book coming out with them headlining it…I think it’s gonna be an awesome series especially taking into consideration the premise of the series. Buffy season 9 is also something I’m definitely looking forward to but come August 31st I would really love having a copy of the A&F series in my hand…if possible if not just gonna have to wait until I get back. Wheeeee here’s to growing libraries and collections!!!!!

A’ite people that’s it from me for now. Have yourselves an awesome weekend and here’s until next time. Stick around…you never know what just might catch your fancy and attention.

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