How To Save a Life

Hey people, welcome to another episode of verbal rantage, the perfect place you wanna be in when you have too much built up in your head and the only way to get it out is via the gift of words. Yes it’s a non-refundable gift, them gift of words are….none the less, I hope the week has treated you all well. If anything, Happy Harry Potter Day!!! and for those of you alien to the concept of the boy wizard…well Happy Friday to you.

So let’s get to the point shall we? Besides loving ‘The Fray’ ‘s music….Right, well I was watching the tube yesterday and while going through the guide to see what was on the regular programming list I came across something on the one channel that had NOTHING to do with, thankfully, home improvement, or fashion tips or whatever the hell goes on the tele during the day. Man I’m telling you these darn shows ruin morning tele watching goodness, instead I wind up watching Hannah Montanna and Wizards of Waverly Place and Disney goodness lol. So, I came across this program on the guide, running on one of the channels that said it was an insight into Leprosy. I got all excited ‘cuz you know there’s this huge stigma ’bout what leprosy is and it’s not something commonly seen around the Northern quadrant, except maybe in some very select cases/situations. I couldn’t resist the educational experience and tuned in to watch what I thought was a brief documentary or you know of those health show things that is all out to enrich the human learning experience. I switch out to it and I think I was met with quite a fair bit of disappointment….it was like one of those infomercials that was basically asking you to sponsor if not call up and join and donate money on a monthly basis to make sure people get the treatment. I have no beef with the whole collect money to make medical supplies more available to those who are not in a situation to do so. What I dislike majorly and severely is the need to have religious attachments/affiliations to said charitable causes. Seriously, what the hell does religion have to do with saving lives? Then the program went on to show personal life stories of victims of leprosy from Nepal and India (to name a few places, they wouldn’t name the rest) and they tossed in shots of people representing pretty much all the age demographics. And the dude doing the whole infomercial thing was all,

“Please call now and please help make a difference. While were talking about X’s life story many more people have been diagnosed with leprosy. Every minute 3 people are diagnosed with leprosy. Please call, send money for a good cause so we can stop this disease from ruining more lives.”

This was followed by a ‘True story’ incident thing, where the guy goes on to explain oh next we’ll show you a segment ’bout the life of X. Listen to her story and see how she was treated like if not worse than animals by everyone, especially those closest to her heart when the more devastating aspects of this disease ruined her life. This was followed by panning into pretty much filthy surroundings that one would expect a ‘3rd world’ nation if not a developing nation to have. This only adds to the ignorance of the common man living oceans and continents away from said ‘Developing nations.’ So next thing you know people have the ‘Oh this shit only happens in Slumdog Millionaire places, we’re good and have nothing to worry about’ mentality creep in. On a more personal note…I hated that movie, it was plain garbage, I’ve seen better Hindi movie adaptations of the concept them lads from the UK were trying to adapt and bring to the big screen. Anyway ranting about that movie is something for another post.

Going back to what I was saying…I think it’s necessary that people get a general idea of what leprosy is and know the more debilitating effects of leprosy but stop treating it like something that happens only in some ass backwards place…because it can happen anywhere. I mean it’s a freaking bacteria that kickstarts the process, and those bacterial buggers are more resilient than bleeding roaches, they have the possibility and flexibility to mutate and evolve into more hybrid forms…forms that may turn out to be resistant to any form of therapy that’s out there in the market today. Honestly…quit playing the ignorance card…I understand the need to set up charitable organizations that enable if not help the needy/poor/destitute from gaining access to medical supplies, but stop tagging religion into something that it has nothing to do with.

Religion is not the poster child for one’s humanity and one’s compassion. If anything, it guides and highlights that through tales/myths and verses from passages of scripture…regardless of the book you follow. It is not religion that defines humanity but humanity that defines religion. It is because of what we think and feel, that, we interpret faith the way we wish to. Religion is a funny thing, it’s malleable yet when asked questions about it we seem to have such concrete answers. Anyway…Humanity isn’t all that dead and gone yet ya know? Just appealing to one’s compassionate side makes a helluva difference…people should honestly believe in it and try it sometimes, instead of being ignorant ponces who don’t use that brain in their heads to think before they act or speak and have that whole foot in mouth syndrome going.

All of that being said though…you gotta give credit where it’s due as well. It’s a good thing that there’s people out there who cares enough ’bout their fellow citizens that they actually try and spread awareness ’bout diseases that most people are lucky enough not to encounter in their lives. I’m big on the awareness spreading and the campaigning that goes into awareness spreading, I’m just not big on the need for religion to do so. Religion gets in the way too often these days for pretty much anything and everything and most of the times it’s in the news these days, it’s all for the wrong reason. Whatever happened to the messages of peace and love? Are they just a myth? Or just something the hippies were hip and happy with back in the day?

Well that’s a wrap for now…and so here’s me peacing out…Until next time, hope all is well with you guys and have yourselves an awesome weekend.


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