Theology + Fiction = Theoction + Ficeology…a potent concoction?

Special Potions available and brewed only at Hogwarts School of Theology…
‘Huh?!’ is that your first reaction? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one scratching your head there and trying to figure out what one has to do with the other…I did too, when I first wrote the subject line for this post. Alright so now that we have established the fact that theology has nothing to do with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, can someone please explain what the hell the point is of even putting the two topics together? It’s not as if Harry woke up one fine day in the middle of the school year and decided to become Catholic or Protestant or Hari the Hindu or Haroun the Muslim or Harmanveer the Sikh…and so on and so forth with all the other faiths out there…so then, what could one possibly consider to be scandalous or controversial from a theological point of view?

Bleeding torch burning, flailing, wielding morons with no sense of appreciation for something so rich, diverse and all encompassing in it’s own way. You must have fallen off of, if not, created off of the shitty side of the G-man’s disposition. Forget me saying the Dark side of the moon, at least more civilized things came out of there, namely the residents of Cybertron. Anyway, there is nothing more annoying than dragging something, which might I emphasize, has nothing to do with a whole buncha things, through unnecessary mud. And what’s worse? When you actually have more dimwits, who actually jump on this bandwagon like a bunch of sniveling, grunting cavemen/cavewomen.

Religion, at least from what I can understand and what I’ve learned, seeks it’s place in reality so as to try and show people that it all makes sense and that everything is connected. Fiction, on the other hand, seeks to liberate people from the confines of rules and regulations and all other things that we’re bound by and sometimes pulled down by. It’s the key to letting our imaginations grow and to appreciate all that we would not have thought of had someone not conjured something so simple yet profound with their magical use of words. So what’s got my neurons in a knot? Well how about the unnecessary need for people to drag religion and fiction all together into one dicey, spicy, unnecessary mess? See, my Newsfeed keeps getting inundated with excerpts from scripture, the Quran/Qur’an to be more precise…and you know what, that’s cool an all ya know if it helps give meaning and a reflective perspective to Ramadan to those of you seeking it…but honestly, don’t be a git and say ridiculous things like, ‘Oh you know something is messed up with the world when people spend money and make movies like Harry Potter a blockbuster while there are people in Somalia dying without food or water.’ I’m sorry pal but there’s nothing wrong with the world and in case you haven’t noticed the world’s been this same exact, self absorbed way for a very, very long time.

Although I must admit, I’m glad you have some sort of empathy/sympathy coursing through your veins…shows you’re still human or at least have a bit of your humanity intact. But here’s my question to you, what have you done/contributed towards providing relief or helping out with the drought situation in Somalia lately? Don’t sit there and bitch about something that everyday average Joes’ and Janes’ enjoy partaking in. If you don’t wanna be one of them then that’s your choice, but please, don’t go around making obnoxious statements. If anything maybe you might wanna take a look at the global headlines as well…instead of making all this hullaballoo about how Somalia isn’t getting any relief or aid because it’s an Islamic nation (IMHO this is definitely the most preposterous thing I’ve heard so far)…why don’t you stop slandering and bringing to light such unfounded statements, and instead, take a nice good long look at the headlines of the papers of the neighboring Islamic states. There was this other post that popped up on my Newsfeed that was an excerpt from I assume, a leading daily in the U.A.E that went on to highlight how approximately 500 tonnes of food (how much freaking food is that?!) finds it’s way to trash cans and dumped out. The source of the food dump? Well how do Iftaar buffets organized by hotels sound for a start? (for those who don’t know what Iftaar is…it’s the time when the fast for the day during Ramadan is broken…for more detailed info hit up Google…I hear reading is good fer ya) People gotta pay quite a bit to be able to sample and enjoy the finest cuisines being dished out at  those buffets. Well obviously, after long hours of not eating or drinking anything it’s no wonder that a lot of the food cannot be consumed. Your body sorta kinda comes up with a way to handle that sorta thing. So what ends up happening? Hey here’s an idea….Hmmm if patrons aren’t eating let’s chuck that food out cuz hey who else could possibly use it right? Talk about double standards…the city of Dubai besides being known as a tourist’s paradise *cough bullshit*, how about melanoma/skin cancer paradise instead? It’s definitely the world’s biggest farce. Underneath all that glamour you see, remains hidden the stark, naked truth. Anyway my rants about Dubai and that good for nothing place are definitely for another post and not for this one anyway. None the less, you would think that these people would have had the common decency to get this food out to people who can barely afford even one meal during the day…these people would be those at the labour camps who, toil day in and out in ruthless and merciless conditions so as to put up those glass towers in that City of Glass. Yeah those people…don’t you think they deserve a bit of the G-man’s mercy? And isn’t it especially part of the season to give to the needy?

Alright let’s forget that and go back to the Somalia issue…so if the rest of the world is being all racist and communalist (no not Communist, the 2 words bear absolutely no resemblance to each other ) about getting relief there then what the hell are the sister and brother nations that are not communalist doing about it? Oh yeah I know they’re wasting if not squandering all that potentially relief worthy stuff away. Seriously people think before you start posting your gaffs online…there is nothing more obnoxious and revolting than bringing your obnoxious selves to light. It makes the rest of humanity especially those who still thankfully think, act, represent and carry themselves with grace and dignity hang their heads in shame.

Oh and one other thing, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post. If you wanna go around raising awareness and doing humanitarian work do it out of the goodness of your heart not out of any religious agenda and don’t bring religion into the equation. Yeah don’t worry the G-man or whatever other higher power it is you believe in or don’t is watching. You don’t need to keep a physical tab on it ya know? It kills the whole doing it out of the goodness of your heart notion….it makes what you do seem something that’s more of an obligation than a choice.

On that note I bring this post to an end. I figure for some of y’all it’s the holy month of Ramadan so Ramadan Kareem to y’all and I hope it’s a good and reflective one. For the rest of y’all well I hope things are going well in general and that life has been treating you decently…and well if it hasn’t, then there ain’t no point in keeping your chin up unless you yourself are convinced that that’s what you should be doing. Take a little time off and think things through and you will definitely be surprised by what you find, and believe me life revels in doling out surprises.

One thought on “Theology + Fiction = Theoction + Ficeology…a potent concoction?

  1. Awesome post! It's true. People seem satisfied with just bitching about things that they do nothing about, in a pathetic attempt to come off as caring and condescending to others.

    It's sad really. There's a saying that people who talk, don't do. And those that do, don't talk about it. If those people truly are so concerned with the world around them, they'd do more than Facebook posts about it.

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