Gotta love that word, hell it makes me feel like those prime-time fall shows that go off the air over the summer and come back with a BANG some time around now in the fall. Well here I am, and ready to go through a verbal free fall. So let me start off by saying, how kind of you to tag along and join the ride. I have no spoilers for the season ahead, oh wait, *doh* this ain’t a TV show now is it? What do we have on the menu? Nothing in particular, the usual fare, randomness served up with even more randomness and just the general joy and angst of being back to the writing board.

Man did the summer fly by, I mean one moment it’s all *bloody hell I hope it’s summer soon*, next moment *Boom! Bang! Kabang! Alakazam! Hello summer here we are*, and then *Bam!* the next moment it’s all done and it all happened in the blink of an eye, and you honestly do stop, ponder and wonder if all that time really did pass you by. Well I keep bringing back summer like something major happened over the summer, but no, nothing major happened, I mean we had a few major comic book and other novel adaptations on that huge ass silver screen come out this summer, some bigger than others, but of course one thing has to be said about them…The movies never quite live up to the books and I’m not sure how many ever will, but it’s still an attempt that should be lauded, and despite saying that, I know, I’ll be one of those people lining up to see how they adapted my favourite book on the big screen. Curiosity will always be the biggest draw for such genres of cinema, yes it is a genre ‘cuz nowadays it has carved out it’s own niche, it has it’s own set of viewers who will definitely show up to show their support for said project. However that being said, the screenplays aren’t exactly original now are they? They’re adapted from the original creator’s body of work and given a life of their own. That being said, my summer was a time to recharge the batteries, to re-align and re-design priorities, and to refresh and revel those bonds that matter. Oh yeah I’d love to say that it was also the time I took to rescind those bonds that are just a pure waste of my time and energy, but I didn’t exactly get around to doing that. I mean who the hell thinks of stuff like that when they have more important things to take care of? Garbage always finds a way to dispose of itself..

I literally spent my time in my Fortress of Solitude brooding creating, destroying, contemplating and regrouping myself. There’s always going to be a point in everybody’s lives where the hustle bustle of life literally pops you all out and you just need a lot of time to pick yourself up and do what you think is best for yourself. I’m not sure if it makes sense but picture it this way, you are physically free but your mind is caged in, absolutely trapped and weighed down by the sheer volume of thoughts, actions and plans of action that you keep creating and discarding. People are at peace when they’re mentally freed, freedom isn’t just about the physical source of being free, where you aren’t tied down, or cuffed to a radiator or sum’n, freedom is when given the time of day you don’t feel like the wind is being knocked outta you by the right hook your brain assaulted you with. It’s not having that feeling of being Atlas or inverse Atlas where the weight of the world resides on your chest and not on your back. The human mind is an amazing tool all by itself, you don’t need scientific research to prove that, you just need a few On days and Off days to do so. There isn’t a more liberating feeling in the world than to think through everything and find your solution instead of hitting up dead ends and bigger obstacles that you have to find more ways to overcome. 

Of course don’t ask me what happened, ‘cuz I myself didn’t see the final result of all that summer fresh brain harvesting. But here I am giving a discourse on freedom and brains and fortresses and things of the sort. There were a few but fabulous events from the summer that I absolutely loved being part of and just feel really special and blessed when I think back to them, and then there were some not so pleasant events. But I guess if you look at it from an astrally projected 3rd person point of view you can’t have the good without the bad, but, I must say thank you to my wonderful family/el familio/family outside of immediate family that beats immediate family at being family :D, for being so awesome and supportive. You guys know how to make things right if not better and you make every moment count. Thanks for keeping me in check and keeping that big picture in perspective, we are so totally gonna take over if not dominate the world. Look out world, we’re on our way, coming soon to every billboard near you…well if you’re not the billboard kinda person then every monitor/screen/device near you. Oh yeah we’re that damn good.

Alright so here’s the deal, I’m making quick random spurts of acknowledgement to things that I think you all should keep your senses peeled for, ‘cuz I think it may blow your mind away.

Firstly, mad props to my boy Shah and his co-creator Gui for bringing their beautiful web comic creation, titled ‘Qwixotic’, out there for us heathens to revel in and enjoy. I believe it is coming out soon, so watch your spaces for updates ‘cuz that’s something you will get from me. The artwork is simply bloody brilliant. Congratulations with your Fan-Expo stint, I can only wish you guys all the very best and much success in the upcoming Comic Cons and conventions, You guys deserve nothing but the best for all your hardwork and dedication! In case you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about I strongly encourage and recommend visiting the link following up in the next few lines. So do yourselves a favor and check out,


Next on the list is the Hunger Games series. It’s quite an intense read and not your regular fare sorta tale. It’s a fantastical concept and very original and imaginative. I believe the movies are coming out soon, none the less if you can read the books I’d say go ahead and read ’em. They’re not your standard fare, well nowadays standard fare would be vampire, werewolves and supernatural tales wouldn’t it? But they aren’t any of those, to put it simply try imagining it this way…well this is the way the author imagined it, so, try imagining and blending  war and reality TV. In essence that’s the base if not core foundation, of course you do have so much more to it than just that…but it’s the starting point. You  may find the beginning boring, but, it gets quite a grip on your attention a few chapters in.

Next on this list is the movie ‘Sucker Punch’…holy hell did that movie pack in quite a punch. Such brilliant bloody cinematography and a brilliant script to go with it too. Such beautiful work, really there’s a lotta scenes in the movies where the actors didn’t have to mouth lines to convey a message, their expressions, gestures and the cameras did a fantastic job of telling the story. It was a brilliant movie that just rocked me to very core, bloody fantastic movie. If you’re the faint of heart who cannot bear topics of violence and abuse and the darker and grittier aspects of humanity that isn’t delved into too much, or might be overly done in terms of treatment and all of that fun stuff, or the kind who can’t stomach the conceptual aspects of Law & Order SVU or Criminal Minds (well it isn’t as gruesome) then you might want to think twice about it. Otherwise, take a watch, it’s a pretty brilliant flick.

Check out the following shows, if you haven’t done so already, they’re worth the tele time

-Rizzoli & Isles
-Body of Proof
-Alphas (interesting show/concept, it’s Heroes with a more scientific approach and reasoning to things)

New shows I definitely wanna check out that might cause me to rant and rave ’bout it include the following, and you’ll hear from me if sucks or totally rocks my socks.

-Ringer (C’mon who can say no to SMG big return to prime-time tele? I know I can’t say no to Buffy I mean SMG :P)
-Once Upon a Time

Alright folks, so that’s a wrap, I just wanted to make my big bang return to my verbal outflow centre. I hope things are going well with all of ya’ll and until next time take care and have yourselves a bloody brilliant time.

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