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Hello all,

Welcome to another fine tuned webisode of my verbal onslaught. I would call it Verbalis Mentalis but who knos what the hell that means and who knows when someone is actually going to use that term to start diagnosing people with some life threatening shit? Fun thing about Latin and Medicine, well the Health Industry I guess…if you know a little of both, then you can probably have fun driving up combinations that have people fearing for their lives. Besides, the world capitalizes on fear now, doesn’t it? Be it a Capitalist mindset or a Socialist one, fear drives people and causes establishments to thrive. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start an aandolan (strike/resistance/movement) against fear, I’m not quite sure if that is possible. None the less, fear is not the main topic of this particular post…clearly can you see fear anywhere in the subject line? Yeah didn’t think so.

So what I have for you today is the simple yet dismissive art of reviewing, and on that menu for reviews, there’s a few TV shows and movies lined up to get evaluated. Well the movies might find themselves headed for another post, so you can heave a sigh of relief. No don’t worry I make no profits outta doing this, and if I did do you actually think I’d let you know? Well….that depends on the profit margin and also on the presents I get myself :D.

So as you all know, fall TV is the time we have new series being launched, old series being renewed and we all wait with bated breath to see what happens next after that ‘cliff hanger’ moment we had on the season finale of the show back in April/May. Well hello, we’ve had a busy week, well it’s been a busy one for me ‘cuz a lot of my fav. shows came back…and some of ’em came back with a BANG! And the others…well they left a bit to the imagination, a bit to the ‘hmmmm’ part of your curiosity ‘cuz you kinda sense a major plot storm brewing or you just get all hyped up, and there’s a few patches of disappointment where you feel that a particular situation could’ve been handled better. But overall it wasn’t such a bad week in tele land.

Let’s see first up is the season premiere of the most anticipated show (for me), namely ‘Castle’. That season finale was one helluva season finale earlier this year. To match pace and tempo with that season finale definitely would have been challenging, because you want to find new ways and means of keeping the audience guessing and reeled in and wondering what happens next. The lighting, cinematography and effects just set the mood and pace for the entire episode, it was terrific. It will definitely be interesting to see how twisted and wound up this season is going to get…the character graphs tend to get a lil’ jumpy and hit spots you didn’t see coming. Then of course there’s the whole Caskett (Castle and Beckett for the newly inducted Castle members) thing that I think a lotta fans are talking about, but in all honesty, I don’t really care ’bout the relationship just yet as I do the plot and the writing. The one thing ’bout the writing on Castle that I’ve truly enjoyed is how snappy, sharp and of course witty, the dialogue tends to get between characters and the character dynamics are also just bloody brilliant. The other cool thing about Castle is how the show is actually expanding on the whole main character and actually gets the books that Castle supposedly writes published in real time. Heck Marvel is even doing a graphic novel for Derrick Storm, one of Castle’s major ‘cash cows’ in terms of character, and a very popular and loved character in the whole murder, mystery, spy thriller genre of things. I’m definitely curious to know just how this season goes.

Next in line we have one of the other shows that I’ve been absolutely looking forward to since it’s finale and since all this casting news that’s happened between the end of Season 6 and the Season 7 premiere. That’s right people, the brilliance called ‘Criminal Minds’ was back in full force and action on Wednesday and HOLY SHIT was it AMAZING!!!! It’s so bloody brilliant to see everyone back, Season 6 definitely had it’s moment, the best story arc being the one involving Prentiss and that whole Lauren arc with Ian Doyle. It was such a well shot and well executed story arc for one of my fav characters on the show, Agent Emily Prentiss! A few of my other fav episodes being JJ and Coda. The action packed, adrenaline pumping season premiere was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! And I think this is going to be one amazing season of CM! Season 6 saw quite a bit of a falter, and I thought it had quite a few shaky moments, especially towards the end, but hey the rest of the team held it together even with the addition of Rachel Nichols, who yeah the fans absolutely despised ‘cuz they figured she was a replacement for our beloved JJ. I must add thought that it is very unfortunate as to how popular a person is due to their character on screen, and we all tend to have that lapse where we forget to differentiate between the character and the actual actor. None the less, thank you Rachel for all your efforts on CM while you were there, however, it would be pretty freaking cool to see you return for a few episodes or a story arc. But other than, oh man did the fans of the show have SO MUCH to rejoice and celebrate ’bout on the season premiere and yeah as an aside, Hotch looked pretty freaking cool with that scruff going on haha. Here’s to an amazing season up ahead!

Then we have ‘The Mentalist’ to follow up on Thursday. Well, the Season finale of ‘The Mentalist’ was pretty freaking awesome…it was quick, action packed and pretty much outta nowhere. Well I thought the Season premiere was pretty standard. Pretty much Jane and his charm, tricks and his personal story and his personal vendetta to find ‘Red John’…sometimes the story line irritates me ‘cuz it goes winding around and around and around without touching on anything substantial. I’m not sure if it’s something I’d tune into every week, or just wait till the season is done before I do a marathon. Well that’s what I did last season, it’s not on the top of my must watch list, but hey keeps the mind amused if I’m bored outta my mind with my hectic schedule haha. I guess we’ll see how the season goes. However, the one cool thing ’bout the show has to be the episode names, I love how they incorporate ‘Red’ into pretty much every single episode title, absolutely brilliant work at that.

I decided I’d give 2 new shows that premiered this past week a shot to see how gripping/interesting they would be. The promos looked fairly interesting over the summer. First one up is, ‘Unforgettable’ with one of the actresses from one of my fav shows, ‘Without a Trace’, as the main lead. It was refreshing to see Poppy Montgomerey grace the screen yet again, however, I dunno man I thought the premiere of ‘Unforgettable’ was pretty forgettable…however, that being said I’m not giving up on the show just yet. It’s like a mix of ‘The Listener’ and ‘Without a Trace’ in terms of the way the show’s been edited and put together. Maybe in time it’ll turn out to be cooler and I might actually eat my words from this post. Remind me ’bout this post if you happen to find me screaming ‘OMG OMG Did you watch that episode!!!??? It was freaking AMAZEBALLS!!!’…well you won’t hear me screaming but I guess you can anticipate it with the enunciation in the key strokes and all.

The second new show to premiere this past week was ‘Prime Suspect’. Yes it’s a cop drama, yes I enjoy cop dramas, they’re pretty freaking cool. It was a pretty cool season premiere, to a certain extent it reminded me of ‘The Closer’ only unlike Kyra Sedgwick’s character (Brenda Johnson), the main character on the show definitely doesn’t seem like the kinda person who would put someone down/retort and retaliate verbally with the kind of finesse and dare I say Southern hospitality Brenda Johnson does it with. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode, oh and I definitely dig the main character’s, portrayed by Maria Bello, fashion choices haha. So far, I enjoy Maria Bello’s portrayal of Jane Timoney. The opening scene had to be one of the best scenes to this pilot episode, the main character trying to kick the cancer stick habit and trying to get a better handle on her health. The way the entire episode went about I think there’s a lot more character development that the viewers can look forward to. Right from the get go the creators have made it a point to showcase the layers to Jane Timoney, from the tough and thick skinned cop who is the only source of estrogen in a testosterone filled Homicide Detective division, to the dedicated and efficient cop who puts people in their place and takes no BS in terms of following protocol and getting the work done, to being the street smart NYC chica who doesn’t give up getting leads to a case, to the vulnerable woman who shows her colleagues she doesn’t get affected by what they say but cracks in the confines of her own personal space…it’s refreshingly done.

I have yet to check out ‘Ringer’ but once I do then my valuable opinions shall make their way here. Shows I’m definitely looking forward to in October include Homeland, Grimm and Once Upon a Time. I cannot wait to see Damian Lewis back on screen, it’s such a shame NBC cancelled ‘Life’, it was such a good show, something I’m sure a lot of Life and NBC fans will never forgive NBC for doing. Well that’s it for now folks, have yourselves an awesome weekend, or at least what’s left of it. And…watch this space for more stuff. May the power of thought, imagination and progress forever be yours to acquire, gain and possess, for they are the most important ingredients to make this life of yours count. Well on that cheery and dreary note, cheers, adios and all that good stuff.

*Transmission ended*


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