Beating the Odds

‘It’s all about beating the odds, right?’ famous words uttered by Detective Kate Beckett on Monday’s episode of Castle. Of course there were more words to it than just those, I just don’t want to give away anything with the stuff she said before those words. They just kinda stood out, in their own nice, stark, crisp, mulling way. The moment those words were uttered, my mind was flooded with a bunch of images, snapshots of times past…probably it was a subconscious mental sweep to reassure myself that we (as in the collective me) are not strangers to the odds per-se and that we have always been able to fight the odds, maybe not beat them all the time, but it’s the essence of that fighting spirit that keeps us going…(in this case I guess the us and the we refer to not just the collective me but the rest of us collectively)

I guess it’s important we all have our quotes, our magic motivational potions and our lucky dice, besides probably something stronger than an espresso and more potent than an Irish coffee. Beating the odds is definitely a lot more tiring and draining than we expect or anticipate it to be. I’d like to say I’ve mastered the art of beating the odds, but, that would be a lie. I’m no gambler, in fact I’m pretty hopeless at it, but I’ve gotten better at riding the wave that goes with beating the odds. Some days it’s a crushing, brutal force that knocks the wind outta you and sucks the life outta you. It does more than make you give up you know? It eats it’s way through you from the inside out and at times it just obliterates you and makes you question your very existence.

It isn’t just love that’s all about beating odds, it’s a concept that is weaved in with the whole fabric of life, whether it’s the hem or it’s the actual shroud of life that’s woven, it plays a role. Brings to mind a quote from the Hunger Game series, ‘May the odds forever be in your favour’. There’s just such power, weight and responsibility that lies behind those words, no not just the quote from HG, it’s easier said than analyzed, understood and interpreted. However, like all things that possess great power, they all come with great responsibility (Oh yeah Spiderman would be proud :P), it would be absolutely stupid and ignorant to believe that all odds can be evened out. It would be wiser to assume that all odds exist to strengthen our choices as well as chances with every randomly occurring moment of probability. Be forewarned, probability wasn’t really one of my favourite subjects to tackle or handle in school.

There is a certain addictive nature attributed to probability….well perhaps it’s a gambling thing. I wonder if gamblers view their lives as a probability problem where they can approximate with a certain degree of accuracy, probably to the 2nd decimal point, the outcomes of the decisions they make. I wonder if they’re the kind of people who can plan their moments 40 steps ahead of a non gambler…imagine, if such a thing existed and if it was scientifically proven that gamblers made for efficient decision makers and planners, then I’m pretty sure every kid would get an all access pass to be the best at poker and blackjack by the age of 6. Scary thought ‘en it? I think my folks would be stunned if kids who came up to my knees were all *psht, you don’t know how to play poker? What’s wrong with you?* Or actually knowing them, they’d agree with the kids and I’d be the proverbial ‘sore thumb’, you gotta love family…they know when to jump the ship to nominate you as the entertainer/regular stand up comedian…even if it’s the sleep inducing kind. Now c’mon you know you wanna have the power to induce sleep…I mean imagine knocking people out without physically clocking ’em, but with the power of words…it’s almost like uttering a chant or incantation loaded with the power of nature and majick :D.

Yes I’m in Harry Potter withdrawal mode, oh well what the heck can I do about it, except go into a crazy “I shall read all 7 books within the next 2 days mode?” Ooh speaking of books, I’m close to being done with this highly fascinating book, a review will be up as soon as I’m done reading. Anyhow, this post has nothing to do with reviews, it’s all about beating the odds.

We all definitely hate those times when the odds don’t favour us, thing about those times is they aren’t just a one time event, but there’s a bunch of them that occur simultaneously and make us feel like we’re ready to be sucked into the depths of our own blackholes, never to resurface, never to reappear. Those odds of ours, break us down quite a fair bit, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they mock us, they sting us, especially our souls and our egos, ‘cuz you all know we have that crazy egotistical thing going on within us, like freaking bee stings and our reactions vary from anaphylactic shocks to the slightest shadow of hurt, pain and disappointment. None the less, it’s not reason enough for us to shrug our shoulders and say no…possibility is the parental figure for the basis/existence/establishment of all hypotheses, as well as the key ingredient in the composition of the delectable nectar of knowledge, and the stepping stone a visionary needs to fulfill and make their visions a reality.

Do yourselves a favour, besides making lemonades galore and downing tequila shots with the lemons life hands you, go with the odds, ‘cuz one way or another they’re only preparing you to realize your full potential and unleash all that you’ve got. Remember they may make you think you’re weak, but there’s nothing more powerful nor stoic than facing your most crushing moments head on, nor looking your failures in the eye and overcoming them. Not a lotta people are lucky enough to do so, so don’t you dare hesitate nor feel embarassed while relating or reliving your failures and fears, because nobody is perfect and everybody has a story to tell.And don’t you dare gloat and boast nor let your victories get to your head, ‘cuz pride always comes with a downfall. For all you know your story and your experiences may give some people the solace, advice, support and strength they never realized they needed, and there’s nothing more gratifying nor satisfying than knowing you managed to change someone’s life.

Well that’s my random schpiel ’bout odds and probabilities, I just had to throw in my 2cents about it. Don’t worry nothing cataclysmic nor catastrophic has occurred…take care people and I hope you have a great week ahead!


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