Scaling Down

Allo allo and wats goin on folks? Keeping in line with this post’s subject line, let’s just see how much I can scale things down by alright? I’ve been warned, informed & educated about my exhuastive use of words in emails, posts, stories and things of the sort. However, I do have my reasons…I’m not that expressive a person when face-time is brought into the equation, a person’s silence isn’t something people care too much about, it’s either disregarded, ignored or considered to be something the individual excels in. Yes this does make me a quiet person by nature, which I’d like to think I am, but apparently that’s also just another theory that I single handedly believe in. I’ve been told those days of long meaningful letters seems to have left the building, and you know what?! It was most definitely rude on their part for not letting me know while on their way out. Apparently emails should be the equivalent of tweets, subject to character and word limits…how was I the last person to know ’bout this? I just thought it was another way to substitute snail mail, you know minus all that waiting and all. Besides, isn’t it a tad more endearing and personal when it’s a bit on the longer side of things? Okay maybe with the advent of Skype and what not things get re-defined, but even then, isn’t it nice to get a long email every once in a while? Guess I’m in a time warp as far as that’s concerned huh?

I guess before I start my email editing and text modifying exercises, I’d rather exercise that task here with this post…which I know is a fantastically amazing source of entertainment for those of you who wander & stumble through here. The rest of you, who are regular readers, you can heave a sigh of relief, but then again that depends on how long this turns out to be. So let’s get started already shall we? It’s been an interesting week of developments and fizzle outs. For one I’ve been pretty much announcing this to all and sundry, well especially to those ppl. closest to me so technically yes they are my all and sundry, but, none the less, I’ve finally finished my first short story in a really long time. The last few happened years ago, let’s not start tracking dates, that’s just going to make me feel a little outdated and disjointed. None the less, it hasn’t undergone any editing yet, perhaps it’s something I should do…On the other hand though, I’m one who is always hungry for feedback!! It’s an all consuming sorta hunger, so the head’s contemplating between Wattpad and the blog in terms of exposure of said story. So yay, check that off of my ‘Things to do’ list for 2011. It was my greatest wish to finish at least one story this year and it tickles me pink knowing I did something along those lines. No it wasn’t a New Year resolution, I personally believe that resolutions are made to be broken, so I stopped making ’em.

These past few weeks, besides being filled with the fun filled, ever energizing, mind altering magick of Pharmacology, I’ve had a little time to indulge in a few things I personally love indulging in, such as books, flicks, shows and things of the sort. Of course, I’ve been a lil’ behind as far as the shows are concerned due to time constraints and I really do hate having to wait a whole darn week before a new episode arrives, makes things so much easier when one can do marathons. Bam, wham, kazaam it’s all right there, none the less the only show I’ve been watching fairly regularly has been Castle, and, so far it’s been interesting…last week’s episode was pretty cool. I feel with all the filler stuff and the theme setting for this Season, I have a feeling that they’re gonna hit the viewers with an action packed, crazy 43 minutes of television some time soon. So the tele aside, I did watch watch a few movies I wanted to and, as much as I would like to spend some time reviewing them, I’m not gonna get into a detailed review just yet. Instead I’m gonna dazzle you with a bullet review of these flicks I watched. So with the flicks let’s start with the superhero ones…2011 has been the year of Superheroes, from both Marvel and DC comics. This is what I thought of them, now correct me if I’ve missed someone from this superhero list….

-Thor – was meh, usual fare, hot gorgeous brawny dude belonging to another world, exiled by papa dearest, throws tantrums and fits ’bout the ridiculous world he’s in, and then has his ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ moment (yes I know that’s from Spiderman and I know the difference) and becomes all superhero-ly and gets his cool weapons ‘cuz he earned ’em. Yeah okay, it was ‘ite, nothing great.
-X-men First Class – FREAKING AWESOME movie!!!! This was a fantastic take by the writers w.r.t the origin story and laying the foundation/basis for Professor X and Magneto. Bloody brilliant…LOVED IT! A must watch!
-Green Lantern – Ranges between meh and sucked. As much as Ryan Reynolds seemed like a visual fit for Hal Jordan, the movie wasn’t all that great. The animated Lanterns were more captivating than Hal Jordan.
-Captain America, the First Avenger – I actually enjoyed this one, it did take me by surprise, I thought it was going to be rather disappointing, but it was pretty good. I’d rate it 2nd in line to X-Men.

Other non superhero related fare that I watched recently, mind you they span back a few years, time hasn’t exactly been something I’ve had a lot of…what with those fun loops, hurdles and commitments life feels almost obligated to toss your way and all.

-Tangled – Haha was freaking amazing as well, had such an awesome time laughing my guts out. It was a fantastic choice after my partial, and it helped me with the sickness blues.
-Tron – Man did this movie suck, it was wayyyy below all my expectations and I smacked myself wondering why I wasted time watching thsi movie. Well the special effects were cool and all but that was ’bout it…I felt as though the dude who played Sam Flynn was trying to win the McBroody award. Oh look how much I brood and pout, jeez kid, if you must learn how to brood perhaps you should’ve watched the Angel series and picked up a pointer or 2 from David Boreanaz’s ‘Angel’/Captain broody pants.
-Mausam – Well there’s an entire post dedicated to that movie, so if anything check out the previous post.

Well kids, that’s all the time we have for now, trying to keep with the new mantra I guess, but we’ll just have to see how long that lasts, seeing how I do value my words and how I do value meaning and understanding and all that stuff most people consider mushy and excessive. For what would the world be without words? Nothing but bricks, sands, paintings and mere memories seen through one’s eyes, with no way for anyone else to live to see or relive those memories. I’m in the business of words people, and I’m not in the habit of shortchanging anyone, but a little change always goes a long way. So here’s to change!!

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