I had quite a sobering thought yesterday/last night, and perhaps I should’ve acted on it then and posted it on here right then. It was a battle between exhaustion and writing, clearly the z’s won out. That’s probably why my thoughts are currently a little more diluted than it was last night and so it doesn’t have as much of a resonating effect on me as it did last night.

Just how honest are we being with ourselves or with life for that matter, if there’s this absolutely huge hollow space within us, a void, an abyss of nothingness that’s been shrieking, crying and screaming for years on end? Those screams set every molecule on fire, and get your hairs to stand on end, yet all you can do is either choose to ignore it and let it live long and prosper or cave in and handle what happens when you fall into the abyss. Either way, are you living a complete and fulfilling life? Or have you just mastered the art of compromise? This hollowness within can swallow you whole, drive you insane and give you insight…it’s a brand whose burden and weight apparently only the bearer can withstand.

Which leaves me with that quandry, is this entire thing that’s happened so far a lie, where my neuronal networks have just fired together and learned to compensate and now respond to various visual, auditory and tactile stimuli on autopilot as a result of all the compensation that’s happened over years? Or are my responses individual and novel and not generated on an autopilot basis? The mind is a real fantastic and freaky place, it’s power of suppression is beyond comprehension, in my humble opinion, as to date. We haven’t even been able to tap into that aspect yet…I think if we did we’d have some novel forms of therapy for those of us broken beyond repair, and in general probably rebooting our entire mental framework. It would be a breakthrough, but then again like everything in life there are pros and cons. You’d either end up with people hell bent on mind control and zombies/droids or you’d end up with a world of thinkers and doers, people who would be given that chance to move on and achieve whatever they’re capable of.

But then again…all that’s suppressed and repressed always finds a way out, and when it does…well I guess that’s something for you to imagine…For my part? Well…been there and done that.

Oh and one more thing, by ways of copyright laws, these images don’t belong to me, they’re end results and by-products of other creative people. I’m just borrowing these images to add some colour to these posts, so please don’t be offended oh mighty creators.

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