Rockstar – A Review

Firstly, where the hell are the rocks at?! Let me make this easy and summarize the entire review of this movie into one word – CRAP. Well that’s just my humble opinion, this movie was such an utter and absolute waste of time. I literally had to take a freaking break every 10-15 minutes of this movie. I’m really disappointed with the fare Imtiaz Ali has come up with this time. ‘Jab We Met’ was a whole lotta fun, I didn’t really enjoy ‘Love Aaj Kal’ all that much, it was entertaining but nothing to write home about…but in all honesty, looking back ‘Love Aaj Kal’ was waaayyyyy better than this torturous movie. This movie definitely goes into the crap bucket of 2011 movies.

As much as I’d like to give you a preview of the story, after watching this movie I’m not quite sure what the main premise of the story is supposed to be. Before watching the movie I assumed it was supposed to be a look into music, the passion, the turmoil, the angst, the very notes that make music and a musician rise and soar. I thought it was gonna b a look into the life of a Rockstar, well in this case an Indi-rocker and the whole love, sex, drugs aspect of the rockstar life, from the Hindi film industry’s perspective. The rock genre of music is something that’s thriving in the Subcontinent, and you’d be quite amazed and impressed with the rock bands you find out there. I haven’t really immersed myself in that scene yet, mostly due to being critically and permanently traumatized by my brother’s live shower-time performances from the bathroom…those things kinda tend to have a lifelong impact on you.

There was way too much the screenplay was trying to achieve and I found it to be highly disjointed, disruptive and irregular. Imtiaz Ali would’ve definitely had a fantastic script and movie at his hands, if it hadn’t been for the way the entire damn screenplay was organized or in this case disorganized. For a movie about music, it is quintessential that the story have soul, because music is nothing without soul…if music had no soul then it would be like burnt toast, charred and far beyond comprehension for any of the senses. The beauty of music lies in it’s ability to seep and soak through each and every single pore of your mind and body, without considering or paying any attention to trivial things like language. This entire movie though, seemed to be filled with horcruxes, with pieces of the story’s soul dispersed here, there and everywhere.

As far as the soundtrack of the film is concerned, well hey it’s by A.R. Rahman so the expectations will always be high and people without batting an eyelid will tell you it’s AWESOME. The soundtrack is a’ite for an A.R Rahman fare, there were very few songs that caught my attention. Maybe it’s one of those soundtracks I need to listen to more often or something in order for it to have any impact. There’s probably 2 or 3 songs that I probably like from the entire soundtrack, like I said I might have to give the rest a more patient sit through. That being said though, I am disappointed with the soundtrack of Rockstar…Somehow since ‘Rang De Basanti’ and probably even ‘Guru’ there’s been a bit of a plateau that the maestro seems to have hit with his compositions. No I did not enjoy the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ soundtrack, all though we all love saying ‘Jai Ho’ at any given moment or occasion,  nor did I think the movie was outstanding (that’s a whole other issue though). There’s something amiss from this track, now I don’t know if it’s cuz of a Mohit Chauhan (whose songs I do love listening to) overdose or not, but it just feels like a very incomplete and abrupt soundtrack. None the less, my song picks from this soundtrack include,

– ‘The Dichotomy of Fame’
– ‘Nadaan Parinde’

In terms of performances, they were strictly okay to grating on the nerves. Ranbir Kapoor was a’ite, he was bearable and at times was irritating, I don’t know I didn’t see the whole ‘OMG it’s his career best performance yet!!’ that people seem to be harping about. I do feel bad for the chap, it would’ve been great if the movie had a great and solid storyline. Nargis Fakhri…oh boy, well she’s got a ways to go that’s for sure, she definitely has to work on a few things…perhaps working on those facial expressions and easing up on the dialogue delivery in future films will be fantastic, and not screaming so much. Don’t want to over-criticize her in her first film, but I think she just needs a few more projects to get a tad more comfortable in front of them cameras.

Best things about the movie? Well first of all…my FAVORITE thing about the movie was seeing the awesome and amazing Late Shri Shammi Kapoor sir in this movie. Next in line would probably have to be the publicity posters…they are pretty awesome in terms of art concept and all. Yet another cool thing shown in this flick, which I think is a first of it’s kind, is portraying and showcasing a Kashmiri Pandit wedding. It definitely was one of the coolest things I’ve seen! You get to see and learn a few new things I guess.

Well I had to share my take on the 2 hours and 40 minutes of my life that were lost over a span of a day just to watch this movie. Well that’s that from the ‘Thot Facktoree’, here’s to optimism and looking forward to substantial entertainment and not half baked goods in the name of entertainment, and those of you who watched this flick do let me know what you thought about the flick. I’d love to hear what you have to say about the movie! Thanks for tuning into another bullet review!

Disclaimers w.r.t copyright laws and schnazz goes in here, I do not own these images, Shree Ashtavinayak, T-Series, Imtiaz Ali and Eros International own the rights to this flick and the posters and everything else…except my opinions.

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