The Conflicted Conscience

Hey guys and gals…just posting up one of my new creations on here, nothing too fancy shmancy, and as always, the mantra’s the same –> feedback is much appreciated so leave some at your own risk…Have a fantastic holiday season!

Conflicted Conscience

We reflect,
We wonder;
We spend all our
glorious time,
And moments,
Sitting around to
Worrying about,
The hows, and whys;
And the maybes,
and sometimes.
Even those annoying
what ifs find a way to cross,
Our ever tangled minds.
Despite the epiphanies,
And conclusions,
And oh so many countless
We never seem to
move on;
Nor, proceed in the
Supposed right direction.
We still drift,
As clueless, aimless
And directionless,
As leaves, dancing
In the confused melody
Of the winds.
We swear, we promise,
Never again, to waste,
Our precious time,
In such fruitless endeavours.
Where, we seem to be,
The only ones who see,
Rather, who choose to see,
What’s become of us,
And those around us,
And seek answers,
To the inexplicable nature,
Of people,
Of friends,
Of emotions,
Of thoughts,
And of life.
How is it a gift?
When it is born
Out of nothing,
Does nothing,
And resolves nothing?
How can we be free?
When our thoughts,
Our wishes,
Our dreams,
Our visions,
And our beliefs,
Seem to always clash,
And be in a state of
With the people we are,
And the people we,
Try to blend in with,
And try to be?



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