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Flash Fiction February: A Pile of Prompts

The Unsanity Files

February is nearly upon us my friends. Can you feel it? Can you sense that electric hum of anticipation in the air? That’s not the feeling that comes with knowing that you have nothing special planned for your sweety this Valentines Day. That’s the realization that Flash Fiction February is right around the corner!

Yeah, that’s right. Exclamation point, ya’ll. I’m not taking it back neither. ‘Cause I am pumped.

But maybe you’re worried. Maybe your thinking, Albert, I want to do this Flash Fiction February thing, but what am I going to write about for twenty-nine whole days?

Never fear my friends. I mean unless you’re being attacked by the Slender Man or something, in which case, yeah. FEAR. But we has got you covered on this writing thing. And by “we” I mean, blogger and writer C. M. Stewart.

Ms. Stewart is a flash fiction aficionado, a…

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Well this isn’t part of the ‘Short Shots’ series. If anything, it’s part of my 2012 poetry collection (well over the years there’s been a steady dip in that department.) That being said, this poem is the result of the kinda day I’ve had…well it’s a meager attempt at putting words to the after-effects of events that occurred on a day like today. I hope the week’s started off on a fantastic note for all of you!


Edging forward,
Surging ahead,
Diving deep…
Deeper than the
deepest trenches,
Clearer than bluest
Sharper than the
sharpest light;
With a sense of clarity,
Beyond the measure,
Of one’s mental might;
Never before,
Has it been clearer;
Never before,
Has it seemed so much
Tendrils of confusion,
Twirling around,
Twisting within,
The crypts of thoughts,
And secrets buried within.
Never before,
Has such confusion,
Rendered one so much
And so much control
over one’s thoughts.
Never before,
Has everything senseless,
Found a way to come
Synchronize, if not
join forces,
Into one single unanimous
No longer do we surrender,
Like meager followers,
Nor bleary wanderers,
To lingering questions of,
Is this a dream? Is this where
we should be?
Instead, we let the rush we
Sink in, and take us closer,
To all those dreams,
We keep closed and protected,
Deep within.


-The End-

‘Coming Home’

This first ‘Short Shot’ is based on the Skylar Grey song titled ‘Coming Home’…If you do go looking for it, type in ‘Coming Home Part 2.’ I hope you find it mildly entertaining!

-Begin Transmission-

I wonder…I really do wonder, if this is how everyone feels while waiting it out to catch their flight at the airport. Do they feel as uneasy and nervous as I do, while waiting to board their flights? I think I’ve chewed off pretty much all my nails…a habit I thought I’d gotten over a long time ago. Clearly, just like everything else thus far, I was mistaken. 14 hours until I get to my destination, which means I still have 14 hours to change my decision…to not board this flight…to turn back and let my resolve dissolve. I check my watch yet again, probably the 150th time doing so…Yupp there’s been no change in the last 2 minutes since I last checked my watch. Guess I should’ve thought of the ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ question before clearing security…That just leaves me to conclude that my heart, gut or even brain for that matter decided on the matter before I could logically and rationally process my thoughts. It’s surprising how perceptions change with time…I remember feeling this anxious, or maybe a little less anxious than I am at the moment, a few years ago when I made a decision to leave home for greener pastures and brighter futures. At that point, I wasn’t even sure if I was certain about the decision I’d made, or, if my enthusiasm to go ahead with this decision was a result of riding the euphoric waves of happiness everyone else around me seemed to be riding when they heard my decision. But between then and now, so much has changed…the place I called home makes me feel more like a transient visitor if not a tourist, catching the sights, taking pictures to capture the moments and playing the waiting game all over again at yet another airport waiting to board that flight back to reality.

A while later I notice my leg shaking of its own accord…Great, now I have no control over my physical reactions as well. Nice work, this is definitely going to be a unique homecoming. The butterflies definitely seemed to be growing exponentially every time we pass the quarter hour mark. The closer it gets to boarding time, the more sweaty my palms get, the more jittery my legs get…pretty soon I’m going to start squirming in my seat at the boarding gate. I have got to get it together…but then again I’m not sure what to expect. It’s not like I’m going to get a hero’s welcome, in fact, nobody really knows about my arrival…I think they all gave up on me. I can almost distinctly remember seeing the twinkling excitement and joy in their eyes dissipate the last time I was back. The chill in the air was so very real and palpable that it could probably freeze anything in a 10 mile radius, but sometimes life leaves us no choices with the decisions we have to take and make. I finally get up from where I’m seated and look around at my semi-full gate, knowing full well that I’ll lose my spot, but I just can’t sit here and take it anymore. I have to walk around, probably get a coffee while I wait, buy a book to read on the flight, just something or anything really to distract me from what lies ahead.

I walk around perusing through the various sections of the Duty-free store, contemplating if I should pick up that bottle I promised I would pick up one day when I flew home for Dad, once I made something of myself. I find myself staring a little too long at it, perhaps a little unnecessarily as well and turn around and walk away from the alcohol section and drift towards the watches, jewelry and fragrances sections and remember similar promises I made to myself for my Mum and the others that mattered. Oh boy, perhaps leaving my spot was a terrible idea…I dash out of there and head to the closest bistro/café and hope some mind altering caffeine can clear my head of all these unnecessary thoughts. I step into one such establishment, place my order and get myself a quiet corner to sit in. I look outside the café and see all the eager travelers frolicking about, some pointing and staring at things in display windows, others taking pictures with their various devices and posing in front of stores, pieces of art and what not…taking a moment to record these memories in digital format so they can share it with the rest of the world, and then some people hustling and bustling off towards the washrooms. As I turn and look to my side I see a pair of twinkling eyes, the color of chocolate, observing me. I look at the owner of those heartwarming eyes and I see an expression mirroring mine; brows furrowed out of curiosity, an upturned mouth curious as to whether it should transform into a smile or stay in a perpetual frown. I make the attempt to communicate first, I wave…this causes him to move forward in his seat and observe me closely. This is followed by me smiling and making faces at him…after a few moments of uncertainty he starts gurgling and giggling in approval and seems to be having fun. Of course his enthusiasm catches his parents’ attention who now turn towards me…so much for discretion. With a sheepish smile I tell them how adorable their little boy is, they smile their thanks and try and get the little guy to have his snack, and I try and redirect my attention now to the TV to try and catch a few news updates before leaving.

As my attention flits back to my little friend, a new and sudden wave of realization, fear and anxiety hits me in the chest, and I know right then and there that I have to get out of there. I guess the little guy senses that I’m perturbed and starts getting fidgety in his seat…it amazes me how little kids are able to pick up human emotions so quickly, no matter how much we try to hide or bury them. For just a moment, I stop and look into his eyes, searching for an answer, and without any words I guess I asked him if I would be able to shoulder the biggest responsibility I’ve ever come across in my entire life? He flashes me a huge grin, and, slams his sloppy hands onto the tray of his high chair in approval. With a small smile on my face, I check the time, and see that time has actually managed to fly by a lot faster at the café, and that my flight is about to start boarding in the next 15 minutes. I gather my belongings, look towards my new friend, nod my head in thanks, wish his parents a safe journey and head off towards my gate.

I’m not as anxious as I was a few hours ago. I know it’s going to be an arduous and difficult road ahead, what with restoring broken bonds, repairing and creating new vows…but in the end it will work out, it just has to work out. Why? Because, end of the day home really is where it all begins and where it all ends. Where, every beginning, be it promising or bitter, meets with a rightful end and where a balance is struck.

-End Transmission-

Short Shots – An Introduction

So I’ve decided to create and accept a challenge of sorts that I’ve issued myself. One of the blogs I follow had this concept of ‘Flash Fiction February’ where you basically write a short story limited to about a 1000 words everyday and you pretty much post it on your blog. I’ve sorta kinda modified the rules just a tad bit, well I can’t exactly write a short story everyday ‘cuz of the whole time factor. That being said though, the modified version of that challenge is basically that I’m going to try and write shorts as inspired by the music I listen to. I, or rather, my brain does this annoying thing, where it pretty much converts an entire song (that I’m listening to) into a music video (of sorts) or a montage of scenes. So what I plan on doing, is to try and tap into that the next time around it happens, create a short and post it on here. Feel free to read (at your own risk) and it’s always wonderful to get some feedback as well.

I will be posting the first story in the ‘Short Shots’ series in the next little while. I just wanted to split the posts so as to explain the point of this whole thing, otherwise the post would turn out to be one mammoth post to read. I hope everyone’s having or has had a fantastic weekend. Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!

The Convenience Factor & Observations

One of the most underrated, overlooked and overexploited attributes we live with these days is that of convenience. We conveniently forget our beginnings/roots, our friends, our principles, our values, our duties and who we are as people in an attempt to fit in, stand out, or achieve the highest pinnacle of what we consider to be success. Call me naive, a fool or even a tool, but you know it’s true, and it’s this convenience factor that annoys the crap outta me.

Well I’m sure that the word originally came into being to explain that which makes things easier for us, and perhaps was meant to be applied to inanimate things…Guess now it’s become a way of life that applies to both the animate and inanimate sectors of life. It’s sad really as to how all things that start with good intentions manage to get modified into twisted extensions of what they were originally meant to be. What gets me more is how after a while we all sit there and accept it without batting an eyelid. Saying this also doesn’t mean I’m the epitome of perfection and don’t overuse or abuse this convenience factor. Saying that would just make me a ruddy hypocrite now won’t it? Which is something I cannot deny either…let’s face it everyone in today’s day and age is a hypocrite, whether they choose to publicly announce it or live with it with a strong sense of denial.

Let me elucidate just what I mean by this whole convenience factor thing I’m talking about. For instance, I find it highly insulting when people conveniently remember that I have a few (and by few I mean very few) writing skills, especially when they need help figuring out what to write for a report, letter, card, etc…you know all that crap that needs words in there. But then when I want to get an opinion on what people think of something I’ve written I get this ‘Oh send it I’ll read it and get back to you’ (and they never do) response or, ‘Oh yeah I don’t like reading stuff much’ response. Well hows about next time you have shit to write, you figure it out for yourself then? I’m sure you have a remarkable brain that can figure out how to string a few words together into sentences, ‘cuz after-all isn’t that your summarized version of what I do? Things in life are a 2 way street people, you need to understand that, or I need to understand that people don’t deserve even a fraction of a second of my time, concern or attention as far as their lives are concerned. Just to make it clear, NO I’m not out here trying to push my writing skills, I mean think about it. If I decided to push my skills then trust me it wouldn’t be a mere push, it would be a freaking shove and I’d be screaming myself hoarse from every bleeding rooftop. Clearly *sigh* I just needed to air out a few thoughts, opinions, observations and concerns.

This post isn’t about evoking some latent or dormant sense of promoting world peace or unity or wonderful schnazz of the sort. If that were the point then I would be working for the UN and I wouldn’t be busting my chops oceans away from home for a dream that I’m trying my damndest best to fulfill. The months away from home have brought a few things into focus, and pushed a few things out of focus as well, hence causing the blurred vision and all that jazz. Being away from home gives you a sense of things, it lets you nurture your perspective about the world that’s out there, and about the people that live in that world. I know pieces of who I was have chipped away, there’s things that I’ve lost that I can’t ever regain. But a loss is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a survival and defense mechanism that slips into place anytime and every single time you encounter something out of your comfort zone. Actually being away has given me an idea of what I may perceive and perhaps want home to be. In fact, every single time I’ve headed home for a break, there’s always been a moment where I see a shift in how I perceive my surroundings…Every time there’s just that lil’ extra feeling of feeling like a stranger, an outsider, a guest…like somebody who doesn’t belong. They aren’t in your face changes, it’s always the subtle things that pop up and remind you of those changes.

I guess this journey away from home was a required class in the Life program. There’s a few things I do know that I don’t want attached to my life tag. I don’t want to be the sucker who has to deal with all the emotional BS some people go through ‘cuz they can’t get their act and shit together, even if they themselves know that the BS they’re talking about is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t be the last person on your list of friends who gets to be used as your first choice when ludicrousness and stupidity is involved…well I would give a damn and would be involved if the same courtesies were extended this way as well. So thank you for the shut eye, plugged ear sessions, where I might as well have spoken to a wall and received the same answers that I received from you. I know I’m an ungrateful fiend, but fudgecakes and fishsticks, I don’t care! (You probably might need a lotta minties after that though…I’m just saying, just in case you decided to dip those fishsticks in some garlic sauce or something)

Well in other notes and sidelines…having more than 1 blog is a rather interesting experience. Seeing how I’m trying to keep the focus strictly streamlined to my writing/creative process with my other blog, it’s a little difficult sometimes, ‘cuz we all know how I get carried away. Heck I proofread those posts the way I used to proofread my term papers :S….which is kinda cool ‘cuz sometimes I can clearly see how the segue has nothing to do with the topic at hand. It’s been entertaining trying to edit the flow of thoughts generated by brain, somedays it’s super hyperactive ‘cuz it has ideas for both blogs…however that hyperactivity seems to kick in most, around exam time…which kinda is a bummer. None the less there are a few projects I’m contemplating working on, and it should be interesting to see how they turn out, well depending on if they ever do. At the moment though, working on both blogs feels like I have a dual personality, so while working on 1 I’m consciously editing out anything that might be more pertinent to the other one. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wound up being diagnosed with schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder one of these days.

Well on that note people, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and have a fun time recharging for the week ahead. The next time you interact with someone, try and be genuine in your interactions and try not to think of them as a means to an end….we all are human after all and we have that thing that the mesolimbic system heads up called emotions that tend to get in the way. Yeah and when that crappy thing called emotions gets in the way it’s a real pain in the arse ‘cuz it makes you think, evaluate, re-evaluate, ponder, reflect and go outta your mind. Don’t do that to yourself; save yourself the trouble and try and add essence of genuinity in the way you conduct yourself…and making people feel like a convenience rather than someone worthy of your time and attention gives rise to some serious self-image, self-esteem and self-respect issues. Now that’s something you do not want future generations to learn from us, the worst fatalities of such issues are children, and the earlier they start having these self-esteem issues the harder it gets for them to deal with obstacles and challenges that life serves up. To be one with the world, you gotta find if not create that one connection that will allow the world to sync with you…so either find it or create it.

Perspective – The ‘Leverage’ Touch

There’s many reasons why I LOVE TNT’s ‘Leverage’…the story-line/concept of the show, the brilliant yet quirky titles of the episodes, and last but not the least, the cast of the show!!! They’re such an amazing & well thought of/put together bunch! The cast of the show is as follows; Timothy Hutton (plays Nathan ‘Nate’ Ford), Christian Kane (plays Eliot Spencer), Gina Bellman (plays Sophie Devereaux), Beth Riesgraf (plays Parker) and Aldis Hodge (who plays Alec Hardison)

Now let me give you a little background on the show…the show is basically a modern day Robin Hood tale with quite a lot of adjustments. It’s about a team of con-men/women who come together for a job led by an ex-Insurance investigator. So the team players, consist of a ‘Grifter’ (Sophie), ‘Hacker’ (Hardison), ‘Hitter’ (Eliot), ‘Thief’ (Parker) and ‘Mastermind’ (Nate). Now the ‘Mastermind’ is the ex-Insurance investigator and during his career as an investigator, he has chased all 4 of them for his Insurance company.

They’re an unconventional team, but after that first job, most of them actually like the idea of working together as a team, though Nate would rather be left alone with lots of booze as he doesn’t like the idea of being considered a thief. But after that first job, a realization of sorts dawns on them. They realize that they can use their nifty skills & resources to help out people who get trampled on, strong-armed & taken down by the big fish. Yupp, those big fish who think they are above & beyond the law and who don’t think the rules apply to them. It’s what they decide to do as a team that gives rise to the show’s tag-line, ‘Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.’

So today, after a really long, gruelling and gloomy day I had to get the happy juice up. The happy juice comes in a few forms, but my primary sources these past few months has come in the form of ‘Leverage’ and ‘Rizzoli & Isles’, 2 fantastic shows on TNT (and yes lots of reruns for me.) Sadly, their Season Finales were in December & January respectively, which means I have to wait through till June/July for them to return…yeah I’m not really good at this whole patience & waiting bit. Needless to say, I wound up watching an episode from Season 3 of Leverage titled ‘The Rashomon Job’ and it sure as hell was the best way to boost those spirits of mine (in addition to sleep.)

This episode wasn’t the standard ‘Leverage’ format, where the team meets with a client ripped off, cornered & bullied by some greedy power player who considers them to be nothing more than mere inconveniences. This episode can be seen in one of 2 ways I guess. It can be considered a mere filler episode prepping the team and the viewers towards the Season 3 finale. The other way to view the episode is, as a moment of reflection for the team, so as to give them a renewed sense of purpose, as well as remind them of why they do what they do. The episode starts off with this huge argument that Sophie, Eliot and Hardison, seem to be having about this rare artifact (a Dagger) that they each claim they stole. Parker drags Nate in to put an end to the argument, but ultimately all 4 of them decide to leave it up to Nate to deliver the verdict on who he thinks stole the dagger based on their individual accounts of how they stole the dagger.

With this episode you get to see the inner workings of their minds when they get into Con/Thief-mode. You see their ass kicking con sides, but, you also get to see their vulnerabilities and see how each of their abilities truly compliments each other when they work as a team. It’s really cool how they bring up how all 4 of them used and improvised their skills while working solo. The BEST (such a gross understatement) part of this episode was the interpretation of Sophie’s British accent by the team…oh man I almost died laughing. Watching the gag reels for that episode is 50 million times more hilarious than the episode itself. Other awesome things in the episode, besides the bromance between Hardison and Eliot, would definitely have to be Parker’s antics!!! Beth Riesgraf is just phenomenal, she brings so much of zest, fun and quirkyness into Parker’s character…I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role better than Beth. Actually I don’t think anyone can replace any of the cast members, period!

The episode is basically a re-telling of the same story (the theft of an artifact) through all 4 points of view. Well actually that would be a bit of a lie…there is a 5th point of view, which I must add efficiently wraps up the entire episode, and also wraps up Nate’s role in the team rather nicely. I found the narratives from each of their perspectives rather fascinating, especially how each one modified their story just a bit from what it originally was. At the point where all 4 of them were trying to steal the same artifact they didn’t know each others faces, but once they find out who they were at the event their individual stories seemed to be modified. Since they know each other on a more personal level, they definitely changed a few character attributes within their stories about the person/people/individual(s) they crossed paths with back at the exhibit so that they would seem more in line with who they are now.

I find the ability of the human mind to adapt and modify memories and incidents, so as to fit personas to be beyond brilliant, in addition to being quite a fascinating concept. For instance, before you met your closest friend(s), I’m sure there was a certain way you perceived them, you know, picking up certain vibes and all. Sometimes, the way you perceived them was way different from the person they turned out to be once you got to know them, but sometimes there is that rare instance where what you see and perceive is exactly what you get (a rare commodity in today’s world might I add.) But given the first situation, I’m sure once you got to know them (before you guys became BFFs) your opinions about them changed, and I’m sure you’ve all had a barrel of laughs trading stories about what you thought of each other back then, especially if there’s an event or situation where both your paths crossed and you both had a role to play in the event. When you re-live those memories, I’m sure you guys definitely tweak and modify a few details in those memories. What makes each of us unique is our perception and interpretation of the stream of thoughts associated with people, places and incidents that cross our paths. Well I’ve rambled on enough. Thanks for joining in…this may be a bit on the disjointed end of things as far as a post is concerned, but severe drainage of energy and over accumulation of thoughts and ideas, does a lotta funky things with the brain. Standard statement being issued here, all pictorial rights go to TNT, Dean Devlin and his awesome team who put together ‘Leverage.’ Have a fun weekend and cheers until next time, oh and most definitely,

“Let’s go steal us some perspective.”

Nadaan Parindey – A Call to Displaced Souls

If there’s ever a song that resonated loudly and clearly within me, then it would have to be the song ‘Nadaan Parindey’ from the soundtrack of the Hindi movie, ‘Rockstar’ . The mix of poetry, music, and soul is something that reels you in, if not, absorbs you completely from the inside out and leaves you gasping. The lyrics make it even more powerful and soul shaking…as the creative twin and I discussed. Of course, this isn’t our joint discussion being regurgitated on here, just my interpretation. This song has such a Universal quality to it, it’s not situation cast or people/age group specific. The simplicity of the lyrics just move you to your core. Just a heads up, this is not a review of the entire album, or a rating of the singers and musical accompaniments or anything of the sort. It’s an interpretation of a piece that makes me relate to it and feel displaced all at the same time. Very few songs in the recent past have been able to have that sort of an effect on me, and I just had to write this one down. It’s not often that you stumble across something that yanks the chains on your soul train.

The miles we travel, the places we go, the people we meet…the constant uprooting and displacement we seem to be a part of…it all takes a toll. A toll on what we once thought we were, once thought we used to be. Where does that leave us? What then becomes the epitome of a home, or rather what does it take to define some place or any place as home? While travelling like the proverbial nomad from place to place, like scattered and dispersed souls, you look for something to hold on to. Sometimes if you’re lucky (like most people) you might find your anchor. But, at other times how long will you keep dispersing and disbanding until you find your anchor and what you’ve been looking for all your life? There’s a goal, there’s a dream and then there’s a journey…there always is a journey. Nobody knows how it begins or ends, or if you actually end up at your final destination.

On the path towards your dreams, sometimes it’s easy to forget that dreams have this ridiculous and insane ability to turn into mirages.  Especially, when they keep kicking you in the face repeatedly with one obstacle after another and then suck you dry of all your inspiration and motivation. At that point all you want to do is put your head down, accept defeat and agree with all those naysayers and give them the satisfaction of seeing you beaten and defeated. Let’s face it, when your motivation is all tapped out, then what is it that keeps you going? Do you just go into autopilot and go through the motions for the sake of going through the motions, or is it a force of habit?

This song is a testament to that spirit that surges and rushes through you during all those phases…that fire that just huffs and puffs a little to make it’s presence felt within. Its about what keeps people like you and me going…it’s a wake up call that literally grabs your hand and takes you back to the roots/origins of those dreams, and what caused those dreams. It’s that jolt that makes you sit upright, take stock of everything and fills you with purpose…well rather renews your purpose. It takes you back to where it all began, it takes you through everything you’ve seen, experienced, felt and been through to reach the current stop in your journey. It’s walking down all those memories that you suddenly see yourself transform. Hell! You didn’t get kicked down all those times so you could turn your back and limp/crawl/walk away without a fight. Neither did you lose all that innocence and purity your soul once possessed, so that you could turn away from the path you walked.

Though the journey may seem long and dreary, and, things you wanted to achieve may seem out of reach, don’t stop the journey. How would you know that you’ve fulfilled your dreams, until you get to the very last stop? Home is generally considered to be where the heart is, but sometimes home is where your soul grounds you. Where you picked up the scattered pieces of yourself, put them together the best way you possibly could, stood tall, found the strength and made your decision to just keep walking on.

All picture rights go to Layout Sparks and whoever originally took this pic.

‘Touch’ – A Preview

A few days ago, or perhaps weeks ago (time has a knack for confusing me) I stumbled across this article/interview with Kiefer Sutherland, and while merely glancing through it I read that he has a new show coming up on Fox this year. It got me curious…I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to know what he’s been up to since ‘Life after Jack.’ His new show is titled ‘Touch’ and from what little I read about the premise of the show, it definitely piqued my curiosity. I think yesterday or so, while taking a break from all things monotonous, nerve wracking and mundane, I went hunting for a promo of this show…and it definitely is a show I’m looking forward to. That being said though, I think a lot of it banks on how the pilot turns out (well that’s kinda obvious)…This is definitely one of those shows where time plays a huge role in establishing it. It’s wordy and deep, and it deals with some rather delicate, complex characters, and concepts, that could trigger a response in either direction of the positive & negative scale of things. I just hope the show gets the right treatment and is executed well…and more than that, that it’s actually given a chance before some exec at the network decides ‘Bah! Axe it!.’

From what I saw & interpreted, the story is about a father who is trying to communicate & connect with his son, who is both autistic and mute. In the process of doing so, he discovers that his son can predict events before they even happen. Apparently the boy has the ability to see the connections between people all over the world, which is what allows him to predict the course of events. Hmm..that whole predicting future events (or crimes) part kinda reminds me of ‘Person of Interest’. I felt there was a certain scientific and mathematical inclination towards the portrayal of this ability when I saw the promo. Well it ties in with the fact that some Autistic individuals are brilliant in seeing patterns and order in things, which is why they have such a strong inclination towards Mathematics or Music or even Physics (I believe, if I’m not mistaken). They see sense in things that leave the rest of us baffled and confused. The whole idea of patterns & connections, and, the concept that we’re all connected on levels that defy the norms of language and labels is one that gets me all intrigued and excited.

'Touch' - Poster Preview

‘Touch’ has some huge names associated with it, in terms of creation, concept, direction and cast members….there’s Tim Kring (the creative genius behind shows like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Crossing Jordan’), Francis Lawrence (director of ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Constantine’ ), our main man Jack Bauer…I mean Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover! Ahh Danny Glover, how awesome is it to see you back on TV (I think dad can stop watching all those Lethal Weapon reruns every few weeks now.)

Watching the promo also reminded me of this one episode I watched on ‘Fringe’ a while back. I don’t remember what Season it was, but, the episode was about a young boy (who gets kidnapped) who is a gifted musician/pianist who keeps playing this one piece repeatedly, and this piece apparently is part of an unfinished equation that has been worked on by geniuses from various other fields (I believe the other example was Physics, but not exactly sure due to hazy memory.) I find it rather fascinating as to what the true potential, depth & connection could be between Music, Mathematics, Literature, Science (in general) and so many other things. These are areas that we all think we all have a general working idea of, and we don’t necessarily choose to see things being connected, unless it’s pointed out to us. But, when we see it, man oh man! Is that ever an enlightening and life-altering experience!!

Well on that note, if you guys get a chance, check out the promo and let me know what you think. Does it look like a promising show to you? Or do you think it’s just another pilot hit wonder, and then the rest of it is just crap and going under?

Transitioning Trials

It’s all about change…everything in life always is about change. Without change we’d cease to exist…it’s strange but true, the wheels of change are always spinning despite our ignorance, our actions and the consequences of those actions. Now, since I started with such a grand opening statement you’d think I’d have something worthwhile to talk about… don’t get your hopes up too much there folks. This is me taking a break from the brain bashing I’ve been undergoing…as much as I’d love to talk about the uncertainty and nervousness said brain bashing exercises are eliciting within, I guess I’ll probably save that for another time.

None the less, before I get carried away with too many tangents, I just wanted to make a brief little announcement of sorts. As you all know, I do love wreaking this verbal havoc upon everyone, and so as a result of all that carnage I have decided to expand my blog frontiers. In not so many words, I’ve started up a blog out at WordPress, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna shut this one out anytime soon, or phase it out for that matter. This year I made a decision of sorts, I’m looking to push my writing a little more, a little more expression, cross a few more boundaries and limits. The blog on WordPress will consist of my inane ramblings, but, it will be more or less for my creative compilations, like my poetry….perhaps my reviews and perhaps stories. I’m still contemplating the story idea, ‘cuz let’s face it who is gonna sit there and read through a maelstrom of words? I’ve always had plans as far as my writing was concerned, in terms of completing a set number of poems or at least one story on a yearly basis…but last year after completing a few interesting and unanticipated ideas I decided that this year I just had to try something new…probably something unexpected as well.

So, for those of you who might be interested slightly (hell even if you aren’t)…I’ll be posting my personal compositions/compilations on there, and feel free to check it out and leave me some feedback. It’s gonna take a little time to set up just because I’m in the middle of quite a few things *insert final exam prep*, but it definitely is a fun project for me to work on when I take my study breaks. The link to my other blog is as follows;

It’s a fascinating yet scary endeavor of sorts for me, but hey it’s my first creative adventure for 2012, so I guess that definitely is something to celebrate. Oh and if you’re heaving a sigh of relief and going *phew no more of this ranting and rambling here*…ain’t happening bub!!! None the less, I just wanted to cue you guys in to this mini update, and I hope you’ll join me on this fun adventure out there on WordPress. It’ll be a slow and steady process, key words being ‘slow’ and ‘steady.’ Updates might take a while on there, but it definitely will happen! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week, and hey guess what?! Friday’s almost here, and for some of you Friday is already here…so celebrate the Festive Friday spirit and have yourselves a wonderful weekend!!!

Ps: I still don’t own any of these images, the creators who make my life easier created ’em. Thank you creators!

Join Our Censorship Protest!

Definitely spreading the word…greater the awareness greater the response!

The Blog

Have you been paying attention to all the hubbub online about the proposed U.S. legislation (SOPA/PIPA) that threatens internet freedom? I wrote about it last week over on, but the gist is this: there’s a bill in the U.S. Senate that if passed would put publishing freedom severely at risk, and could shut down entire sites at the whim of media companies. Fight for the Future created this nifty video to sum it up better than I can.

On January 18, 2012, sites all over the internet will be blacking out to protest and try to mobilize more people to speak out against this bill coming up in the Senate next week — S. 968: the Protect IP Act (PIPA) — in an attempt to let U.S. lawmakers know how much opposition there is., Wikipedia, and even VIP I Can Has Cheezburger? will be participating in the blackout to…

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