Jingle sleighs, Merry bells & Preposterously Prosperous New Year wishes!

So I take it after some reflection most of you have resolved to stick to a few resolutions, for better or for worse? Well that makes them resolutions sound about as purposeful and meaningful as wedding vows now don’t it? Thankfully I didn’t get into this post the few days ago that I actually started it, then I’d actually have no clue what I had started off on. However, I did have to write it ‘cuz I got the kickass title of this post in my head as I was counting sheep trying to sleep, or rather jetlag was drawing me far into that land of blissful sleep.

Well that was until I was up about 2 hours later and couldn’t go back to sleep until 4 hours from then. Mind you when I woke up it started getting dark, and this was around 12:30 in the afternoon. One of the few things I absolutely dislike about this wretched place (well my stance on the place stands to change, probably with time or when I get outta here) but for the time being it is a wretched place. Don’t you dare start with 3rd world scenarios nor scenarios of mass genocide or anything else to tell me I’m in a b8r place. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in this time frame and in this particular dimension…the other dimensions, well the other me’s know where I’m at and what I’m doing at those particular points in time.

None the less, I wish you all a very happy and joyous 2012! It’s not the end of the world, yet. The world ends on an almost daily basis, we don’t need a specific day, time or calendar to tell us when it will end. Grim fact of life, every other day there’s a piece within each of us, and sometimes the whole individual itself, who dies. Sometimes, our life force ceases, only to re-culminate and be recreated into something else. I’m a believer in that whole reincarnation jazz. I like thinking that life continues, whether you’re aware of it or not. Perhaps it’s the idealist in me, if not the dreamer and wishful thinker…but believing in something like that keeps me optimistic and at times focused at the tasks I want to do and get done, to make at least this journey as memorable as possible.

So here’s to a year full of opportunities…not just you know the career oriented/goal oriented ones, but also those related to self-discovery, stronger bonds and ties to those that matter the most et al. I’d say try and live life with no regrets, but let’s talk about more plausible things haha…there’s gonna be moments you regret, but that’s okay ya know? It’s a part and parcel of life, nobody ever lives life perfectly, despite people’s perceptions, we all do things that make us roll our eyes at ourselves and go ‘Wow I can’t believe I did that, what an idiot!’ It’s alright, accept your regrets, but don’t dwell on them too much…what’s the point in picking on a scab and not letting your wound(s) heal and in the process inflicting more pain upon yourself? Might as well let the thing heal or let that damn scar form, at least it’s painless and you can look at it and maybe grimace initially, but then you’ll just learn to live with it later and at times completely forget about it. Oh but fair warning, know that there are some people who love to remind you of your regrets, don’t take it to heart, the less you tend to react, the more bored they’ll get and stop bugging you ’bout it. But if they don’t cease, then they obviously have a mental issue that needs medical attention, so you can heave a sigh of relief and disregard them indefinitely.

Try doing a few things this year that you’ve wanted to, like taking that road-trip you promised yourself you would go on, or, looking up that program in school you were always interested in but you never thought of looking into ‘cuz everyone else laughed at it and considered it to be silly, useless and a waste of time and money. Or go tap into that inner ‘Little Chef’ of yours and go crazy whipping dishes (well try with small amounts, at least if the first experiment is an utter failure you won’t have to waste a whole ton of food right?) left, right and centre, or take up a sport or extra curricular activity you’ve always thought about from time to time but just never considered it to be the right time to indulge in it. Indulging in those little quirks of your personality is like indulging in some heavenly Lindt chocolates (dammit I miss those chocolates!) or indulging in the most decadent dessert you’ve had the luxury of indulging in.

I’m not quite sure what the year ahead holds for me, hopefully, this will be the year a few of my spine cracking efforts actually bear fruit. Though, there’s a common notion that I don’t put in all that much spine cracking effort…trust me after sitting in certain designated spots for remarkably extended periods of time you need to crack that dang spine or else you’ll have the worst back-ache of your life (I speak from experience, and hours of being hunched over things). I’m not sure how far or just how enthusiastic the writer in me will be this year to churn out pieces of verbal carnage. It’s true that towards the end of 2011, after completing one of the stories/scripts closest to my heart, I had decided I’d stop writing. The decision stemmed from the feeling that there was no more juice left within and that I had lost my ability to string words together to form sensible if not coherent sentences that struck a chord with people. So let’s just say that the writing this year will definitely be a work in progress, hopefully it’ll be an inspirational year.

Well on that note, I’d like to thank all of you, who have taken a moment of your time to swing by and visit this canvas of words, for stopping by. Whether you love it or hate it, it means a lot to (dare-I-say) a writer if not a pseudo-writer, that someone’s cruised by and read these words. Hopefully you’ll stick around with me as long as this blog-ful journey lasts and you’ll definitely have a few words of wisdom or criticism to impart. Welcome to the other side of 2012 folks, and I’d like to end this blog with my motto for 2012. Yes I don’t have resolutions, just random strange mottoes that come to me before I sleep…thankfully my Apple gadget was close by for me to jot these lines down, or else I would’ve forgotten it by the time I took the express from la-la land to the land of the living and conscious. So, this year I’m…

All about the passion,
Not so much about fashion, 
All for egos clashing,
And all about being oh so dashing!
Hell yeah! Well about the fashion, those of you who know me know my fashion sense is equivalent to that of an emu’s or a penguin’s really…so don’t see that changing this year. I guess some things in life are about as constant as say Kepler’s constant or the acceleration due to gravity. So, on that note, have a fantastic time celebrating and coming off that New Year high, and, have an amazing time celebrating your plans and steps towards getting closer to those dreams, goals and achievements. May your enthusiasm and spiritedness be your steadfast allies through the coming days, weeks and months!! 
And no I don’t own images I post in these posts, so these images are the property of those creative and brilliant enough to come up with them.

2 thoughts on “Jingle sleighs, Merry bells & Preposterously Prosperous New Year wishes!

  1. It's weird how we used the end of the calendar to “reset” our goals, although we can really “re-evaluate” anytime. I suppose it gives people a frame of reference, or time frame. Happy New Year! Hope your 2012 is filled with lots of laughter!

  2. I guess re-evaluation is that tweaking, pruning and preening process that everyone goes through during the year, and like you said, the New Year is that frame of reference that gives them that extra motivation and inspiration to apply what they've been working on through the year :D. Thanks for stopping by and I hope 2012 has a lot of amazing adventures and wonderful memories in store fer ya!

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