The Blankness of being Blank

Blank pages, blank spaces, blank minds, blank walls….yeah right about now there are a lotta blanks that need filling up in my head space…or well another way to put it, my mind feels rather blank. You know these past few days I’ve been crossing paths with a few interesting people, who are rather interesting specimens of the species we belong to. I wish there were application forms or rather criteria for these specimens to talk to me, ugh *shudder*, they reek of attitude and mental games. You sense that toxic aura miles or rather kilometers away, and you know if they approach you for a conversation then it’s not about how you’re doing or how things have been going…rather you know it’s a business transaction is on it’s way as well, and you know that’s gonna be quite a show to catch.

It’s amazing how people perceive you to be a certain way, think they can play you…well actually they’re thinking way ahead of that a’ready ‘cuz they think they’ve already played you (which is always interesting), and they think you buy their crap and will go along with what they say. Oh and boy oh boy do they pull out all the stops to make you work with ’em, because they think or rather they feel that they know you’ll do what they want. Aah the power of the mind, it really is something to admire…I just wish it could be used for more useful things and acquisitions in the world. Alas, that’s like wishing for a unicorn on your 7th birthday and ending up with a dress…2 entirely different realms of what you want and what you get. I was really contemplating calling this kid out on their game, but then that would ruin the entire performance, and I do love me a performance…if it’s good. Makes me wonder, why I haven’t steered myself into the Entertainment sector yet…perhaps it’s coming soon…like the apocalypse…Oh dear wouldn’t that be apocalyptic? Well me going into the Entertainment industry would be apocalyptic ‘cuz it would mean we have truly run out of entertainers and now any Tom, Dick or Harry or Tara, Debbie or Harriet can waltz right in off the streets and call themselves an entertainer.

As you can tell I’ve had quite a riveting week…being preoccupied by other sleep stealing things and being a partial insomniac (well let’s see how long that lasts before I make the full transformation) and brain popping headaches…Now with all of that, all you need to spice up your life are annoying runts. One of the other things that I solemnly swore to do this year is to not waste time with people, people who are just consumed and obsessed with themselves. I guess in a way I don’t wanna put up with me either…woohoo! But yeah I think I’ve wasted enough time over such people in the form of strangers, acquaintances and friends and I really don’t have the mental or soul space for that sorta rubbish anymore. I guess normal people have already reached that plateau phase, unlike me. Oh well better late than never right? I have been told about my guppy personality, I guess it’s time for the guppy to not be a guppy anymore and probably progress to being a Clownfish or something, no not a freaking Goldfish. Talk about getting a headstart on my medical career, might as well deal with the yahoos now, get used to ’em and find a way to deal with ’em so they don’t exactly get to screw with the head or heart per-se.

In addition to fishy people and fishes and fun things of the sort, the beginning of the year has been a sensational one!!! I’ve stumbled across books that absolutely rock!!! Well I guess it was inevitable…ever since I read that Rizzoli & Isles was based off of a series of books, oh believe you me, I’ve wanted to read those books, and now almost 2 years later I’ve got my hands on ’em!!! What amazing books!!! This is from one of my favourite genres too so just adds to the awesomesauce category of things in life. Tess Gerritsen is just freaking awesome, and she gets you hooked into the characters and plot lines right from the get-go. I’m also looking forward to reading Patricia Cornwell’s ‘Red Mist’…of course I’d have to re-visit all the books she’s written, it’s been such a long damn time since I read her books. I’m also looking forward to reading ‘The Night Circus’ and this other book that’s been making news circuits…’The Immortals of Meluha’…it’s piqued my curiosity quite a bit, no I haven’t Wiki’d it yet, but I hear it’s a trilogy and has something to do with Lord Shiva. Well you know me, if I find out anymore info about it I will let you know, and if I do get to read it then you’ll get my take on it as well.

Yes, so as you can see, TNT (specific mentions to both Leverage and Rizzoli & Isles, most amazing shows EVER!!! Well you all know ’bout my soft corner for Leverage!!), Tess Gerritsen and an overactive brain have been a source of inspiration, or at least have tried to be a source of inspiration during these crazy times. Actually what’s been a tad more fascinating has been the lil’ swirlies of ideas twirling around in my head for stories. I haven’t been able to spend my time checking out as many tele shows or movies ‘cuz time ain’t exactly something that’s on my side at the moment. I find it quite fascinating as to what people turn to for inspiration…well I’m amused by what inspires me the most during times I need maximal inspiration and motivation, and I’m curious to know what gets your engines all revved up and going.

Well I guess that’s it for now, just had a moment and wanted to rant ’bout annoying people who are full of shit and know it. I hope you folks have a fantastic Friday and hey don’t be hating the 13th, it’s a fantastic and magical number, fantastic things have happened on the 13th you know. Just ‘cuz it’s the 13th doesn’t mean you’re going to have a wonky or whacked out day, so just be cool and do things the way you normally do. Have an awesome weekend and you never know, you might find me back on here soon enough…well hopefully not too soon ‘cuz then that would mean I’m procrastinating a lot, and I don’t think that’s a very smart thing to do at the moment. Cheers! Until next time people!

Friendly reminder: I don’t own these pictures, the creative geniuses who came up with ’em do. I just like adding ’em along to add a lil’ more flavour, spice, colour and personality to my posts.


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