The Misfit

Hey people, here’s the 1st creative creation from 2012, just thought I’d share it with ya’ll. It’s a culmination of thoughts that were brewing through my head last night, and believe me, I was half tempted to write another post but sleep got the better of me. None the less, I hope you guys enjoy it, and those of you’ll who check this out on Wattpad, I guess it’s nothing new :P, but hey thanks for the curiosity factor. Comments and feedback are always appreciated! Have a fantastic weekend peepz!
Life always tosses you around,
Like a leaf in the wind.
Unknown to any,
To many, or to all.
Make your way!
Find your path!
They scream, they chant,
they say.
With no conviction,
Nor belief,
Nor compassion,
In the words they say.
It’s all easier said than done
When you try to make
your own way.
When you try to fit in,
With, all those other dancing
leaves in the wind.
Nobody forewarns you;
Of the mockery, the isolation,
The ridicule, the ignorance
Nor the hours of contemplation,
Spent on introspection,
And reflection.
I thought it would change
with time,
Perhaps they would see me
for me,
And accept me as one of their
But somehow, anyhow
That never happened,
I could never be, nor belong,
I assumed then,
That through the long and short
of it,
Through the thick, and, thin
of it,
Only fools could fail to see,
How unique we all are,
and can be.
And so,
Somewhere between seeing
and believing
I emerged,
I saw myself rise, reach out
and fly.
And realized that,
One is perfect company.
You don’t need,
A murder of crows,
Nor a gaggle of geese,
To be who you are,
Or to dare to see the dreams,
That, you see.
You are, who you are,
Not because of your company,
But because of who,
And what you choose to be.
Live your life,
The way you wish it to be.
Because nobody else lives,
feels or senses,
Your life the way you live,
breathe and see it.
Like the words of an old song,
Live long, stay strong,
And be yourself,
Even when nobody else dares,
Or, chooses to be.


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