Allo allo people! I’m back, yet again!…So…don’t groan and roll your eyes…again. Apparently I’ve been bitten by a bug of sorts, that’s causing me to process and produce words out on to my virtual canvas/slate, more often than I have in the recent past. Now this post isn’t about that awesome and classic Goo Goo Dolls song titled ‘Iris’ but it definitely had a role to play with this composition. This post is actually a poem, well in all honesty it’s a chapter to a story I’ve been working on. I’m not sure if you folks remember the post I had on here last year titled ‘Numb’ which was also a poem & chapter to that story. So without any further delay, I give you ‘Iris-Through the Looking Glass’ yet another installment of Bells & Whistles. Definitely lemme know what you guys think and have an awesome week up ahead!

Prickling chills.
Seeking their little
Down my spine.
Down through my soul,
Wherein lay a void,
A big gaping hole…
A vice icy grip,
Around a heart;
That lay there…
Broken, shattered,
Crushed and scattered.
It lay around,
Waiting to be collected,
Or else dispersed
and blown…
Out there, into the
Shrouding and clouding
my sanity;
Yet, the only welcome
During days so bleak.
Wherein neither heart,
Nor mind,
Had a voice of it’s own to
The only ember,
The only spark,
That breathed life…
A fire fanning itself,
Into a will…so broken by
So overwhelmed, by
A spark that stoked the
Till they were raging;
Seeking and screaming!
To fight back!
To never accept defeat.
To reclaim once again,
What once was,
What once belonged.
And to once again,
Walk the path of that road,
Which was meant to be,

And best meant for me.


Oh and one more thing! Yes copyright conundrums and all, I don’t own the pix that I upload on here…I don’t have those fancy shutterbug skills yet, so please don’t get yer knickers in a knot for use of images. Thank you original creator of these wonderful visual aids/pix for enhancing the personality of my posts.

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