Transitioning Trials

It’s all about change…everything in life always is about change. Without change we’d cease to exist…it’s strange but true, the wheels of change are always spinning despite our ignorance, our actions and the consequences of those actions. Now, since I started with such a grand opening statement you’d think I’d have something worthwhile to talk about… don’t get your hopes up too much there folks. This is me taking a break from the brain bashing I’ve been undergoing…as much as I’d love to talk about the uncertainty and nervousness said brain bashing exercises are eliciting within, I guess I’ll probably save that for another time.

None the less, before I get carried away with too many tangents, I just wanted to make a brief little announcement of sorts. As you all know, I do love wreaking this verbal havoc upon everyone, and so as a result of all that carnage I have decided to expand my blog frontiers. In not so many words, I’ve started up a blog out at WordPress, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna shut this one out anytime soon, or phase it out for that matter. This year I made a decision of sorts, I’m looking to push my writing a little more, a little more expression, cross a few more boundaries and limits. The blog on WordPress will consist of my inane ramblings, but, it will be more or less for my creative compilations, like my poetry….perhaps my reviews and perhaps stories. I’m still contemplating the story idea, ‘cuz let’s face it who is gonna sit there and read through a maelstrom of words? I’ve always had plans as far as my writing was concerned, in terms of completing a set number of poems or at least one story on a yearly basis…but last year after completing a few interesting and unanticipated ideas I decided that this year I just had to try something new…probably something unexpected as well.

So, for those of you who might be interested slightly (hell even if you aren’t)…I’ll be posting my personal compositions/compilations on there, and feel free to check it out and leave me some feedback. It’s gonna take a little time to set up just because I’m in the middle of quite a few things *insert final exam prep*, but it definitely is a fun project for me to work on when I take my study breaks. The link to my other blog is as follows;

It’s a fascinating yet scary endeavor of sorts for me, but hey it’s my first creative adventure for 2012, so I guess that definitely is something to celebrate. Oh and if you’re heaving a sigh of relief and going *phew no more of this ranting and rambling here*…ain’t happening bub!!! None the less, I just wanted to cue you guys in to this mini update, and I hope you’ll join me on this fun adventure out there on WordPress. It’ll be a slow and steady process, key words being ‘slow’ and ‘steady.’ Updates might take a while on there, but it definitely will happen! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week, and hey guess what?! Friday’s almost here, and for some of you Friday is already here…so celebrate the Festive Friday spirit and have yourselves a wonderful weekend!!!

Ps: I still don’t own any of these images, the creators who make my life easier created ’em. Thank you creators!


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