‘Touch’ – A Preview

A few days ago, or perhaps weeks ago (time has a knack for confusing me) I stumbled across this article/interview with Kiefer Sutherland, and while merely glancing through it I read that he has a new show coming up on Fox this year. It got me curious…I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to know what he’s been up to since ‘Life after Jack.’ His new show is titled ‘Touch’ and from what little I read about the premise of the show, it definitely piqued my curiosity. I think yesterday or so, while taking a break from all things monotonous, nerve wracking and mundane, I went hunting for a promo of this show…and it definitely is a show I’m looking forward to. That being said though, I think a lot of it banks on how the pilot turns out (well that’s kinda obvious)…This is definitely one of those shows where time plays a huge role in establishing it. It’s wordy and deep, and it deals with some rather delicate, complex characters, and concepts, that could trigger a response in either direction of the positive & negative scale of things. I just hope the show gets the right treatment and is executed well…and more than that, that it’s actually given a chance before some exec at the network decides ‘Bah! Axe it!.’

From what I saw & interpreted, the story is about a father who is trying to communicate & connect with his son, who is both autistic and mute. In the process of doing so, he discovers that his son can predict events before they even happen. Apparently the boy has the ability to see the connections between people all over the world, which is what allows him to predict the course of events. Hmm..that whole predicting future events (or crimes) part kinda reminds me of ‘Person of Interest’. I felt there was a certain scientific and mathematical inclination towards the portrayal of this ability when I saw the promo. Well it ties in with the fact that some Autistic individuals are brilliant in seeing patterns and order in things, which is why they have such a strong inclination towards Mathematics or Music or even Physics (I believe, if I’m not mistaken). They see sense in things that leave the rest of us baffled and confused. The whole idea of patterns & connections, and, the concept that we’re all connected on levels that defy the norms of language and labels is one that gets me all intrigued and excited.

'Touch' - Poster Preview

‘Touch’ has some huge names associated with it, in terms of creation, concept, direction and cast members….there’s Tim Kring (the creative genius behind shows like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Crossing Jordan’), Francis Lawrence (director of ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Constantine’ ), our main man Jack Bauer…I mean Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover! Ahh Danny Glover, how awesome is it to see you back on TV (I think dad can stop watching all those Lethal Weapon reruns every few weeks now.)

Watching the promo also reminded me of this one episode I watched on ‘Fringe’ a while back. I don’t remember what Season it was, but, the episode was about a young boy (who gets kidnapped) who is a gifted musician/pianist who keeps playing this one piece repeatedly, and this piece apparently is part of an unfinished equation that has been worked on by geniuses from various other fields (I believe the other example was Physics, but not exactly sure due to hazy memory.) I find it rather fascinating as to what the true potential, depth & connection could be between Music, Mathematics, Literature, Science (in general) and so many other things. These are areas that we all think we all have a general working idea of, and we don’t necessarily choose to see things being connected, unless it’s pointed out to us. But, when we see it, man oh man! Is that ever an enlightening and life-altering experience!!

Well on that note, if you guys get a chance, check out the promo and let me know what you think. Does it look like a promising show to you? Or do you think it’s just another pilot hit wonder, and then the rest of it is just crap and going under?


2 thoughts on “‘Touch’ – A Preview

  1. Well ‘Touch’ sure looks interesting.. I’m always on the look out for such shows.. Considering it has Kiefer in it, its gona be bloody brilliant.. šŸ™‚

    1. I agree, anything with Kiefer in it is pretty bloody brilliant. I watched the pilot, it was intriguing and heart-tugging to say the least. This show has the potential to be mind blowing, but it all depends on how the rest of the episodes follow through and man Kiefer was AMAZING!!! It’s a show with a lotta heart, check it out when you have some time and lemme know what you thought of the pilot, I’d love to hear opinions!

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