Nadaan Parindey – A Call to Displaced Souls

If there’s ever a song that resonated loudly and clearly within me, then it would have to be the song ‘Nadaan Parindey’ from the soundtrack of the Hindi movie, ‘Rockstar’ . The mix of poetry, music, and soul is something that reels you in, if not, absorbs you completely from the inside out and leaves you gasping. The lyrics make it even more powerful and soul shaking…as the creative twin and I discussed. Of course, this isn’t our joint discussion being regurgitated on here, just my interpretation. This song has such a Universal quality to it, it’s not situation cast or people/age group specific. The simplicity of the lyrics just move you to your core. Just a heads up, this is not a review of the entire album, or a rating of the singers and musical accompaniments or anything of the sort. It’s an interpretation of a piece that makes me relate to it and feel displaced all at the same time. Very few songs in the recent past have been able to have that sort of an effect on me, and I just had to write this one down. It’s not often that you stumble across something that yanks the chains on your soul train.

The miles we travel, the places we go, the people we meet…the constant uprooting and displacement we seem to be a part of…it all takes a toll. A toll on what we once thought we were, once thought we used to be. Where does that leave us? What then becomes the epitome of a home, or rather what does it take to define some place or any place as home? While travelling like the proverbial nomad from place to place, like scattered and dispersed souls, you look for something to hold on to. Sometimes if you’re lucky (like most people) you might find your anchor. But, at other times how long will you keep dispersing and disbanding until you find your anchor and what you’ve been looking for all your life? There’s a goal, there’s a dream and then there’s a journey…there always is a journey. Nobody knows how it begins or ends, or if you actually end up at your final destination.

On the path towards your dreams, sometimes it’s easy to forget that dreams have this ridiculous and insane ability to turn into mirages.  Especially, when they keep kicking you in the face repeatedly with one obstacle after another and then suck you dry of all your inspiration and motivation. At that point all you want to do is put your head down, accept defeat and agree with all those naysayers and give them the satisfaction of seeing you beaten and defeated. Let’s face it, when your motivation is all tapped out, then what is it that keeps you going? Do you just go into autopilot and go through the motions for the sake of going through the motions, or is it a force of habit?

This song is a testament to that spirit that surges and rushes through you during all those phases…that fire that just huffs and puffs a little to make it’s presence felt within. Its about what keeps people like you and me going…it’s a wake up call that literally grabs your hand and takes you back to the roots/origins of those dreams, and what caused those dreams. It’s that jolt that makes you sit upright, take stock of everything and fills you with purpose…well rather renews your purpose. It takes you back to where it all began, it takes you through everything you’ve seen, experienced, felt and been through to reach the current stop in your journey. It’s walking down all those memories that you suddenly see yourself transform. Hell! You didn’t get kicked down all those times so you could turn your back and limp/crawl/walk away without a fight. Neither did you lose all that innocence and purity your soul once possessed, so that you could turn away from the path you walked.

Though the journey may seem long and dreary, and, things you wanted to achieve may seem out of reach, don’t stop the journey. How would you know that you’ve fulfilled your dreams, until you get to the very last stop? Home is generally considered to be where the heart is, but sometimes home is where your soul grounds you. Where you picked up the scattered pieces of yourself, put them together the best way you possibly could, stood tall, found the strength and made your decision to just keep walking on.

All picture rights go to Layout Sparks and whoever originally took this pic.


4 thoughts on “Nadaan Parindey – A Call to Displaced Souls

  1. Yes. This is awesome. Your ‘creative twin’ agrees.

    Of all songs relating to displaced souls within the Indian Film Industry (mostly patriotic garbage appealing to Brown people living abroad) NADAAN PARINDEY is awesome as the lyrics are subjective. Meaning different things, when hear in different contexts.

    Such is the beauty of poetry, which this song captures brilliantly.

    1. Thanks ‘Creative twin’!! Your input and output are always appreciated as always!!! I wish there were more songs like this out there today man, but I guess we just gotta see what the future holds huh?

    1. I most definitely do want to read ‘The Alchemist.’ In fact it’s been on my ‘To read’ book-list for the last few years, I’ve heard such amazing things about the book. There’s also a lot of buzz going on about Paulo Coelho’s latest ‘Aleph,’ so I guess this summer I’ll have a fair share of reading to look forward to :).

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