The Convenience Factor & Observations

One of the most underrated, overlooked and overexploited attributes we live with these days is that of convenience. We conveniently forget our beginnings/roots, our friends, our principles, our values, our duties and who we are as people in an attempt to fit in, stand out, or achieve the highest pinnacle of what we consider to be success. Call me naive, a fool or even a tool, but you know it’s true, and it’s this convenience factor that annoys the crap outta me.

Well I’m sure that the word originally came into being to explain that which makes things easier for us, and perhaps was meant to be applied to inanimate things…Guess now it’s become a way of life that applies to both the animate and inanimate sectors of life. It’s sad really as to how all things that start with good intentions manage to get modified into twisted extensions of what they were originally meant to be. What gets me more is how after a while we all sit there and accept it without batting an eyelid. Saying this also doesn’t mean I’m the epitome of perfection and don’t overuse or abuse this convenience factor. Saying that would just make me a ruddy hypocrite now won’t it? Which is something I cannot deny either…let’s face it everyone in today’s day and age is a hypocrite, whether they choose to publicly announce it or live with it with a strong sense of denial.

Let me elucidate just what I mean by this whole convenience factor thing I’m talking about. For instance, I find it highly insulting when people conveniently remember that I have a few (and by few I mean very few) writing skills, especially when they need help figuring out what to write for a report, letter, card, etc…you know all that crap that needs words in there. But then when I want to get an opinion on what people think of something I’ve written I get this ‘Oh send it I’ll read it and get back to you’ (and they never do) response or, ‘Oh yeah I don’t like reading stuff much’ response. Well hows about next time you have shit to write, you figure it out for yourself then? I’m sure you have a remarkable brain that can figure out how to string a few words together into sentences, ‘cuz after-all isn’t that your summarized version of what I do? Things in life are a 2 way street people, you need to understand that, or I need to understand that people don’t deserve even a fraction of a second of my time, concern or attention as far as their lives are concerned. Just to make it clear, NO I’m not out here trying to push my writing skills, I mean think about it. If I decided to push my skills then trust me it wouldn’t be a mere push, it would be a freaking shove and I’d be screaming myself hoarse from every bleeding rooftop. Clearly *sigh* I just needed to air out a few thoughts, opinions, observations and concerns.

This post isn’t about evoking some latent or dormant sense of promoting world peace or unity or wonderful schnazz of the sort. If that were the point then I would be working for the UN and I wouldn’t be busting my chops oceans away from home for a dream that I’m trying my damndest best to fulfill. The months away from home have brought a few things into focus, and pushed a few things out of focus as well, hence causing the blurred vision and all that jazz. Being away from home gives you a sense of things, it lets you nurture your perspective about the world that’s out there, and about the people that live in that world. I know pieces of who I was have chipped away, there’s things that I’ve lost that I can’t ever regain. But a loss is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a survival and defense mechanism that slips into place anytime and every single time you encounter something out of your comfort zone. Actually being away has given me an idea of what I may perceive and perhaps want home to be. In fact, every single time I’ve headed home for a break, there’s always been a moment where I see a shift in how I perceive my surroundings…Every time there’s just that lil’ extra feeling of feeling like a stranger, an outsider, a guest…like somebody who doesn’t belong. They aren’t in your face changes, it’s always the subtle things that pop up and remind you of those changes.

I guess this journey away from home was a required class in the Life program. There’s a few things I do know that I don’t want attached to my life tag. I don’t want to be the sucker who has to deal with all the emotional BS some people go through ‘cuz they can’t get their act and shit together, even if they themselves know that the BS they’re talking about is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t be the last person on your list of friends who gets to be used as your first choice when ludicrousness and stupidity is involved…well I would give a damn and would be involved if the same courtesies were extended this way as well. So thank you for the shut eye, plugged ear sessions, where I might as well have spoken to a wall and received the same answers that I received from you. I know I’m an ungrateful fiend, but fudgecakes and fishsticks, I don’t care! (You probably might need a lotta minties after that though…I’m just saying, just in case you decided to dip those fishsticks in some garlic sauce or something)

Well in other notes and sidelines…having more than 1 blog is a rather interesting experience. Seeing how I’m trying to keep the focus strictly streamlined to my writing/creative process with my other blog, it’s a little difficult sometimes, ‘cuz we all know how I get carried away. Heck I proofread those posts the way I used to proofread my term papers :S….which is kinda cool ‘cuz sometimes I can clearly see how the segue has nothing to do with the topic at hand. It’s been entertaining trying to edit the flow of thoughts generated by brain, somedays it’s super hyperactive ‘cuz it has ideas for both blogs…however that hyperactivity seems to kick in most, around exam time…which kinda is a bummer. None the less there are a few projects I’m contemplating working on, and it should be interesting to see how they turn out, well depending on if they ever do. At the moment though, working on both blogs feels like I have a dual personality, so while working on 1 I’m consciously editing out anything that might be more pertinent to the other one. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wound up being diagnosed with schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder one of these days.

Well on that note people, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and have a fun time recharging for the week ahead. The next time you interact with someone, try and be genuine in your interactions and try not to think of them as a means to an end….we all are human after all and we have that thing that the mesolimbic system heads up called emotions that tend to get in the way. Yeah and when that crappy thing called emotions gets in the way it’s a real pain in the arse ‘cuz it makes you think, evaluate, re-evaluate, ponder, reflect and go outta your mind. Don’t do that to yourself; save yourself the trouble and try and add essence of genuinity in the way you conduct yourself…and making people feel like a convenience rather than someone worthy of your time and attention gives rise to some serious self-image, self-esteem and self-respect issues. Now that’s something you do not want future generations to learn from us, the worst fatalities of such issues are children, and the earlier they start having these self-esteem issues the harder it gets for them to deal with obstacles and challenges that life serves up. To be one with the world, you gotta find if not create that one connection that will allow the world to sync with you…so either find it or create it.

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