Short Shots – An Introduction

So I’ve decided to create and accept a challenge of sorts that I’ve issued myself. One of the blogs I follow had this concept of ‘Flash Fiction February’ where you basically write a short story limited to about a 1000 words everyday and you pretty much post it on your blog. I’ve sorta kinda modified the rules just a tad bit, well I can’t exactly write a short story everyday ‘cuz of the whole time factor. That being said though, the modified version of that challenge is basically that I’m going to try and write shorts as inspired by the music I listen to. I, or rather, my brain does this annoying thing, where it pretty much converts an entire song (that I’m listening to) into a music video (of sorts) or a montage of scenes. So what I plan on doing, is to try and tap into that the next time around it happens, create a short and post it on here. Feel free to read (at your own risk) and it’s always wonderful to get some feedback as well.

I will be posting the first story in the ‘Short Shots’ series in the next little while. I just wanted to split the posts so as to explain the point of this whole thing, otherwise the post would turn out to be one mammoth post to read. I hope everyone’s having or has had a fantastic weekend. Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Short Shots – An Introduction

    1. Especially if you’re someone like me who tends to get stuck with the writing process. I find sometimes writing the most obscure thing triggers quite an inspirational spell. Hopefully this concept works out the way I envision it at the moment!

    1. Lol let’s just say it’s a work in progress :P…the first one is a’ready up, it exceeded the 1000 mark, more like spilled over 200 words more :P. But hey compared to what I usually churn out that’s actually a miracle!

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