Well this isn’t part of the ‘Short Shots’ series. If anything, it’s part of my 2012 poetry collection (well over the years there’s been a steady dip in that department.) That being said, this poem is the result of the kinda day I’ve had…well it’s a meager attempt at putting words to the after-effects of events that occurred on a day like today. I hope the week’s started off on a fantastic note for all of you!


Edging forward,
Surging ahead,
Diving deep…
Deeper than the
deepest trenches,
Clearer than bluest
Sharper than the
sharpest light;
With a sense of clarity,
Beyond the measure,
Of one’s mental might;
Never before,
Has it been clearer;
Never before,
Has it seemed so much
Tendrils of confusion,
Twirling around,
Twisting within,
The crypts of thoughts,
And secrets buried within.
Never before,
Has such confusion,
Rendered one so much
And so much control
over one’s thoughts.
Never before,
Has everything senseless,
Found a way to come
Synchronize, if not
join forces,
Into one single unanimous
No longer do we surrender,
Like meager followers,
Nor bleary wanderers,
To lingering questions of,
Is this a dream? Is this where
we should be?
Instead, we let the rush we
Sink in, and take us closer,
To all those dreams,
We keep closed and protected,
Deep within.


-The End-


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