It’s A Wrap

Man I’ve been dying to have that as the title of my post for a while now. Had to bite back the urge to type it every now and then, wanted to save it for a significant moment. Well here it is! Though I’d like to add that the journey is far from over, I’m not quite sure what words I’d have to say at that point in time when the journey is actually done and done with. Probably something along the lines of ‘Oh well this chapter is done, on to the next phase.’ Apparently my imaginary award winning speeches have more depth and character in ’em than do the chapters of my adventures in life.

Well, I did wait for the fireworks and bottles of bubblies to celebrate with being done with my trans-Atlantic journey but they kinda fizzled and drizzled away, so I guess the celebrations are a bit on the down low for the time being. Over the past few days I’ve been asked, how it feels to be done with things, and all I have to say to all of that is, well I still got miles to go and it’s time for the next major chapter in this journey I’m on. I mean it doesn’t feel like I finished something, I just feel like I’ve advanced to the next level of the game, after dying and trying multiple times to finally beat the dang level. There’s probably one thing u can count on life for…change….it plonks it your way whether you want it, need it, expect it or not. And there’s no measure to what change does to someone or something.

From here on, hopefully, begins the next set of adventures traipsing it’s way through my life. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through my times across the ocean. All your love, support, words and thoughts are genuinely appreciated. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through without all you awesome people who have been with me through this crazy ass ride. I do know one thing for a fact, the ride ahead is crazier and you’re gonna probably hear the same stories amplified in oh so many different ways. Thank you land of vodka for your frigid and at times heart warmingly thawing hospitality, I did meet some fantastically awesome people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Here’s to adventures state-side huh? 


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