C’est La Vie – The Art of Life

From start to finish
They say you have to
run the race.
Not with a lot of thought,
Nor sentiments, do people
View their actions,
Or thoughts shared,
Or words said.
It’s all supposed to pass,
They say.
You’re just supposed to
sit back,
And let it all go.
Let the feelings,
Swim through you,
And flow away,
Off into the inexplicable,
And unspoken ether.
Where everyone else’s
Worries and woes flow.
You grip, you slip,
You trip and flip,
Wondering how it all
came down to this,
How you got here,
And just how much
further you have left to go.
And if there’s just any more
Will, drive and juice left
To get you as far as you,
Have, left to go.
The only answers to questions
ten-fold these days,
Are only more questions,
And seem to be rising twenty-
So now for us,
The main question remains
From here on,
Where do we really go?

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