One More Day

One more for the Poetry 2012 collection. Not quite sure how I feel about the way this one turned out, lemme know what you think folks. The updates have been real slow due to really trying and neuron exploding scenarios and situations. The support and feedback is greatly appreciated, and thanks a ton for taking some time outta your hectic lives and stopping by!

One More Day

Looming in the shadows,
Staring afar from barred
Across barren fields,
Once sown with,
The seeds of vibrant
Of visions and images,
Of a reality,
That, once could’ve been.
Now all that remains,
Are cracks, and fissures,
So wide and deep,
Burned, roasted and
By the fiery heat of
Of ignorance…so potent,
So viciously toxic, that,
The more the barren fields
The deeper their fissures
The deeper do their scars
Marks of a battle long
Of wills so strong,
So ferociously brave,
To challenge and face,
The might of a majority;
With the grit, grace, vigor
and determination,
Of one hell bent on change,
Hell bent on hope.
A special breed,
Who finds a way and keeps
With every breath,
And every fiber of strength,
To break down those bars,
Holding them behind.
For no force in the Universe,
Nor the world man-made,
Can chain, tie-down,
Or hold back
A force of nature,
A will of nature,
For, it is she who decides,
The course that life lays.
And she neither bends,
Nor, bows down,
Nor allows her-self to be
And caged.
Only hope remains,
Only faith…for a day,
One day…some day
For the dams to burst forth,
Those chains to come undone,
And the wills and egos,
Of oppressors, suppressors,
And repressors far too many,
To be broken and shattered.
But until then,
We wait, we welcome,
We collect, we build,
We connect, we feel…
Without or blood,
Our skin,
Our senses,
The winds and currents
of change;
And embrace,
That which makes us,
Truest to ourselves,
And, truest to our natures.
For, a ripple,
Is all it takes,
To generate a momentous
And there is nothing,
Purer than freedom;
Nor more liberating,
Than choices and dreams.
Dream on, stay strong,
And break down those
wretched bars,
Holding your spirit behind.


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