A burst of inspiration towards the end of one of the most intense, brutal yet refreshing months of my life. It was only fitting to write a poem as a tribute to Mental March and to all the madness and lessons it has bestowed upon me.


There is nothing more
Nor stronger,
Nor as fierce,
As the fire of ambition,
That drives us ahead;
Nor more graceful and,
Than the ethereal nature
of dreams,
That fill our hearts
with peace,
Our minds with,
A sense of solace,
Unheard of and unseen.
There is no force,
No power, and,
Ultimately nobody,
Who can take you,
Away from you.
It is from you,
That the world begins,
The world spins,
And it is with you,
That the symphony orchestra
called Life,
Tries to keep it’s pace,
beat and rhythm to.
In a world,
That may seem to be
filled with thorns,
More often than not;
That pricks us, cuts us,
And makes us bleed.
We often forget,
How we have left our
imprints behind,
Stained and marked
our way,
Through the path of life.
All we see,
Is how much we bleed,
How deep our wounds
And all we feel is,
How intense, that sensation
of pain is.
Never do we realize,
That, we always have a
To either stay behind,
And lament over,
All the blood, sweat and tears,
Shed up until now,
With no light,
Nor good fortune in sight.
Or we can choose,
To wrap our wounds,
Shed our tears,
And gather the weight,
Of all the pain endured,
From all those cuts, bruises
and blows,
Rained on us over
the years.
Along with the sum,
Of all our fears.
And move ahead,
One step at a time,
One day at a time,
To the banks,
Of the river of our dreams,
The safety, shelter and,
Serenity of our visions.
For never should we,
Choose to forget
That, the only way
To set ourselves free,
Is to have dreams loftier,
than all our previous dreams,
Set our sights on goals
Higher than those we
have already achieved.
To believe in our dreams,
And to let the fire
Of passion, motivation,
Inspiration and determination,
Forge our paths,
Towards and beyond

The End–


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