The Wanderer

Just experimenting around with a new sorta writing & formattin’ style with the poetry-ness. Enjoy!

The Wanderer

Bouncing from place to place,
Trying to mingle, trying to belong,
In a sea of faces,
Spanning countless races,
Searching for traces of oneself,
Through this mad myriad of countless
Surrounded by unreadable and unreceptive
Stumbling and tripping over undone
While living through and with people’s
Here you are,
Trying to establish one out of many bases,
That you’ve managed to live out of,
Through the crazy times, the hazy times,
And all the other times,
When the only expression aimed your way,
Was resentment, bitterness and despair,
In the form of soul cracking gazes,
And ear piercing, heart-wracking phrases.
The curse of the wanderer, they say,
To be the outcast, the castaway.
Yet here you stand your ground,
Stomp away at all those burning
Countless doubts, and worries eating away
And letting you free fall from your own
good graces.
Lock eyes with all your haters,
And those countless nay-sayers,
And show them the depths, phases and realms,
Of true integrity, stamina, intensity and
So that they never forget,
The fire, spirit and depth of the ones,
They dared to berate and belittle,
And insult, in way too many ways
And way too many times,
As the clue-less, soul-less vagabonds
And face-less wanderers.



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