I drew inspiration from a post I came across today. Sometimes there are things in life that fill up this void if not gap in communication that words just can’t seem to fill or complete. If you get the time do check out the post


You leave your footprints,
Somewhere beside me,
Bold and brazen,
Sunk and cast for eternity,
For the whole world to see.
Not behind me,
Nor overshadowing mine,
So as to see how the lines,
Of our lives entwine…
But right next to mine,
You leave your footprints
An eternal reminder
That no matter what happens,
That regardless of the storms
And, no matter how the world turns,
You’ll always be there,
Right beside me.
My pillar, my strength, my
Like a shadow,
Like the gentle breeze that
dances with the rain,
Never alone, and never left

8 thoughts on “Footprints

    1. Thanks bud!!! The credit goes to the wonderful and talented person who took that picture, it triggered a poem in my head lol. But thanks a bunch for stopping by and for the kind words :D!

    1. Thank you sooo much for the absolutely wonderful comments and kind compliments! It means the world, when readers take a few moments of their time to stop and leave their thoughts and impressions behind! 🙂

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