I stood and watched
As if in the sidelines.
While, living my life,
The supposed king size;
As one dream got compromised,
Compensated and forsaken,
By yet another,
In the name of logic,
Under the pure premise of
One wish for another,
One favour for another,
One deal for another,
Until even a deal with the
Seemed like just another trade-in
For another shot,
Another chance,
Another glimpse,
Of a dream once had,
With echoes thundering,
And voices screaming,
Of the wonders of a
Promised land.
Some shake their head in
despair and wonder,
All for what?
All for naught,
Yet others say.
We dig ourselves into
Mind numbing quandaries,
Never thinking nor wondering,
As to,
What’s going to be left,
Of us all in the end anyway?
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Whence once we came,
Unto there shall we return.


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