Burning with a fire,
Scorching all desires,
Incinerating misguided,
And disapproving stares,
And unwelcoming sighs;
Raise your eyes,
And look into mine,
If you dare.
Unless the thoughts,
And notions drilled
into your head
From time unknown,
And people everywhere,
Have left you too scared,
To see me for who I am,
To melt away the delusional
wax figurines
Of stigma and stereotypes,
Carved into the epicenter
of your mind.
Raise your cowering eyes,
And look into mine,
If you so much as,
Dare to break the
Tenacious, tantalizing yet
venomous bonds
That hold you against what
you truly desire.
A thought, a mind,
Judgment free, illusion free,
From words misplaced,
Thoughts displaced
And intentions misfired.
Or if all else fails,
And you don’t grow your
own spine,
Then look into my eyes,
And feel,
The wrath, the fury,
The heat, the blaze,
Of a fighter, a riser,
Of someone who never let
Anyone else answer questions
Who didn’t break,
Nor bend or bow down,
To the wills of all the other
cowards and jesters,
Dying to play puppet master.
Look into my eyes,
And feel,
The warmth of the rising
Fill your hollow hearts,
And vacant souls,
With the embers of hope,
And the sparks of faith.
‘cuz one way or another,
Regardless of how dark, deceptive,
Or dreary your nights,
May have come to pass;
Know, for sure,
In the end that,
Dawn will always rise.

The picture(s) accompanying this post do not belong to me in any way, size, shape or form, only the writing does. This is the result of some very hard word put in by people with amazing shutterbug skills. All rights for the image are reserved to the following individuals and parties involved; Birendra Jha of MIT, Caitlin Stier and Reed Business Information Ltd.


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