Ever felt like the whole world’s been closing in and you’re just a few steps away from going over the tipping point? So much so that you might actually surprise yourself and find yourself flying…and then discover that you were never human, but that you’re Kryptonian!! Yee gadzooks, the rumours were all true! Well jokes aside, it’s been a bit of a rough, bumpy and frustrating ride these past few weeks if not months. Thanks so much for sticking around and dropping by, it means the world to me and then some :)!



In the cold,
The oh so blistering cold,
Where we lay,
And ready to unfold…
Ready to be re-cast,
To repair,
The cracks and fissures,
Bestowed upon us,
So as to make us whole.
To fix the errs,
That we led ashore.
To those pleasant
Those reassuring smiles,
Those eternal burning
Beacons of hope and
That picked us up,
From those stranded
We washed up on.
With no identities,
No names…persons unknown….
Where the only welcoming
Used to be,
The darkness of
our wretched souls.
The easy part of life is
making mistakes.
The harder, back breaking,
Soul altering part of life,
Is holding your ground,
Keeping your mind afloat,
And maintaining that steady
On the journey to rectifying
your mistakes.
To taking what you get,
And making what you can
with it.
For any chance at redemption,
Is one rarely bestowed…


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