Just when you lost track,
Of all those unshed tears,
Through all those years,
So as to be more fierce,
To show no weakness,
Nor to acquiesce,
To the ever mounting weight,
Of perception,
Nor ill-willed imagination,
Or skewed judgment,
Of the constant, dedicated
Circling like ravenous vultures,
For that day…that time,
Until you fall…
So as to rip away all that
After all they managed to
strip away.
Through all the time passed,
And all those years.
All that’s left though,
Is your will…your desire,
To fight…to reclaim,
What’s rightfully yours.
Your dreams, your desires,
Your dignity…
Your sense and sensibility,
The pillars that define us as
we are.
With no facades, no falsity,
With all our chips, our cracks,
All of our faults and deficiencies.
For the whole world to see,
For those circling vultures,
To take heed,
That each scar they see,
Is a mark of strength,
A symbol of courage,
To face even the darkest of times,
With the lightest of hearts,
And the fiercest flames of ambition,
hope and faith.
That no tawdry or foul hearted
Can ever claim, conquer or destroy.

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