Knock Out

Knock Out

And some days,
The blows dealt by the world,
Are harder to accept,
To stand up to,
To block and defend against…
Breaking barriers,
Tearing down walls,
And ripping apart,
All that once was,
What we once thought.
The masks harder to slap
back on,
The excuses, stories and lies,
Getting weaker with every
passing moment.
With the harshness,
They bring in their wake.
Without a care,
About the wounds and scars
you carry.
And all you can do,
Is hold on,
With every inch of strength,
hope and faith.
That perhaps tomorrow,
Might just be the day,
The storm decided to move on,
And as always,
Chooses to leave you behind,
With the arduous task to pick up,
The shattered pieces and debris,
Left in it’s unforgiving wake.
Every beginning,
Starts at an ending,
And every beginning,
Comes with a promising silver
And a reason to fight,
Through the depths and darkness,
Of all your pain and suffering.


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