Well, the moon last night was absolutely breathtaking and triggered a word storm. So as things usually go, I gotta share ’em with you folks out here!


The words given to describe
The un-describable.
To bring to life,
One, of the few constants,
We conveniently forget,
From time to time;
While running through,
this life of ours.
She’s there though,
Keeping an eye out,
Warming the cockles of
my heart and soul.
The only light,
That sometimes lets me know,
That every tunnel,
Does have a light at the end of it.
Even if, darkness seems to
One too many days,
Light always follows,
To clear up the haze,
And to lead you on your way…
And sometimes,
She just reminds me that,
Perhaps there just might be
some warmth,
In the company of darkness,
That, it need not always be,
A lonely or miserable place.
But most of all,
She’s a reminder,
If not the epitome of
True ethereal beauty.
Never before has one worn,
Her scars, or flaws, as proudly
As she, the good old Moon, does.
She’s a constant reminder of,
How beauty,
Is not perfection,
And how perfection,
Does not mean hiding yourself,
Perfection, instead is,
Having the courage,
To be true to yourself,
And, being fearless to share,
Who you really are,
Unabashedly, with no remorse,
fear nor guilt.
For the whole world to see,
Receive, and perceive,
for themselves.


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