I had a dream,
A few nights ago,
Of matters and things,
Between you, and I.
I dreamt that,
We went our separate ways,
You on your path to
Where dreams and ambitions
came true,
And I,
On my path and quest of mystery,
To woo, rue, philosophize
and pursue.
We seemed like perfectly
happy strangers,
In our distant places and spaces.
Not as caught up,
In our strifes,
Nor, our repetitive stormy turmoils
Nor growing pains,
Nor head spinning games.
But there was a dull ache,
A numbing pain,
I wondered then,
If perhaps,
You would feel the same.
Confused and lost,
Renewed and found,
By the rights and errors of your ways?
Upon greeting riveting reality,
With fluttering eyes,
Rapid breathing, and a sense
of awakening,
My thoughts,
Left me breathless, and wondering;
If my reality,
Was the one I woke up to,
Or, the one I left behind…
Or was it a preview?
Of things to come and overcome,
Of misunderstandings to be had?
And hurdles to pass?
Of mistakes and errors,
That finally put us on our
right paths?


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