Keeling forward,
Mind reeling backward,
Spinning, spooling,
All these memories,
All these dreams,
Goals, ambitions and visions,
Of how things could,
Hell, how they should and would be.
Like bitter after-tastes,
Like sugar highs,
They evade…
They invade…
They turn and churn things
inside out,
Under the pretext of reflection,
Wearing cloaks of introspection,
Blending seamlessly,
Within stormy hulls,
Of thoughts and aspirations…
Wait a second,
Where did they all go?
The stage whispers,
The snarky snickers,
The frowning expressions,
Disappeared, dissipated,
Feels like a weight
Has been lifted off of these
sagging shoulders.
Is it hope that I see?
Sparkling it’s way to me
Through remnants of reflections
From the mirror?
A beacon…A sign
Of changing tides,
Of rising skies,
Of sunny days
Making their way through cloudy
I see it in the distance,
On the horizon…the brink of a new
dawn…A new day…
Not so far away,
Where it seems like a mirage;
And yet not close enough,
For desperate hands to grab a hold,
of those tendrils of hope

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