Crossing, buzzing, rising,
Like a million palpitating hearts,
Hammering and beating together.
At the brim of evolution,
At the brink of a revolution.
Voices rising,
Raising temperatures and boiling blood
Far beyond mercurial.
What do you stand for?
Who are you standing up to?
What are you fighting against?
What are you holding back?
So read the questions and statements
Thrown your way,
Hurled your way to stop you,
To trap you,
To cage you for eternity;
So as to gauge your fears,
And enslave you,
To a world,
That turns a blind eye,
And deaf ear,
To right and wrong,
And thrives on the borders of gray.
Where the idea of individuality,
Has died away like dying embers,
Of a once brilliant fire,
That allowed us to live together,
And move ahead, thrive and excel,
As a civilization…as a collective people.
Where the notion of peace is considered weakness,
And the worst ideal you could have.
Where hatred and difference,
Hold more clout, and wield more power
Than equality and justice.
Where happiness comes,
From burning dreams and futures,
And crushing hope and faith,
Of those that believe the most.
And joy comes,
Not from making a difference and
making a change to the world we live in.
But from acquiring and accumulating
Through any means possible,
With no regards for those that
get trampled along the way.
But for every injustice committed,
For every sinner who walks around
Without a care in the world,
Whistling tunes of calm, peace and
Not once thinking about,
The sins committed by their hand,
Know your time is limited…
Know that you can only push someone
this far,
Know that limits aren’t meant to be
broken or trifled with.
Know most importantly,
There’s a revolution coming…
And you will pay,
One way or another.
Be it by the hand of fate,
Or the course of your destiny…
But you will pay,
For breaching lines,
And crossing thresholds.
Beyond every threshold,
Comes a surge of blinding energy,
So brace yourselves…
For a world turning,
life altering enigma.
Poised, to write a new chapter,
In the history of humankind and

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