Imperfect You

You hear the faint melody
Of your heart beat,
But the sounds of your tears
Bursting forth and beating down
On the floor,
You find yourself crushed, crumpled
And curled up on,
Sound louder, drum down harder
Than, any other sound,
Your blessed ears ever heard.
Their imperfect melody
Catches you off guard,
You, who is so weary,
Unclear and uncertain,
Of the world of men and women
You find yourself living with,
Treading and trudging along with.
Where you’re told,
The harder you try,
The higher you fly.
But nobody tells you,
About the hidden corner,
That corner between fear
and trepidation,
That leaps out at you,
Before you find yourself starting
at the start-line.
Where you ready yourself,
For your first flight.
Where your adrenaline,
Keeps you grounded and
Where you’re pounced on,
Chewed up, torn apart,
And strewn apart,
Not by wildness,
Of all those wild animals,
You’ve heard in many tall tales.
But, by the wildness,
And the vile nature of mankind.
Where what makes you different,
Makes you the imperfection,
The weird one,
The oddball,
That deserves to be cast out,
That doesn’t belong,
That has no future,
No past to be proud of,
Nor deserves a future legacy
Worthy of the person you are,
Nor of the potential that breathes
and rages
Like an untame-able fire within you.
Where your pride, principles and values,
Are mocked,
Not because of their nature,
But because,
You dared to do,
That, which the rest of them feared.
Don’t let the rest of the world,
Speak for you,
Especially speak words,
You don’t believe in,
And words you wouldn’t speak.
You are who you are,
And you are as valuable,
As that little rough diamond,
Hiding in that lump of coal.
Hold your head up high,
My little uncertain sun-drop;
Not every ray of sunlight
Is perfect,
Or, measured to precision.
Every beam,
Be it tiny, be it massive,
Beams down with the same intensity,
Radiance and ferocity,
That they’re deemed to bowl
us over with.
Be as bold, brilliant and radiant,
As that golden beam,
And shine as brilliantly,
As your destiny,
Has deemed, you will.
Your every imperfection,
Is, your perfection!
And yours alone,
And not anybody else’s
To build, temper or destroy.

This beautiful image doesn’t belong to me and all rights, compliments & awesome-ness belongs to Ingz here at


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