Feel it in your soul,
Feel it in the air,
Feel it everywhere.
The reason your heart
Keeps pounding away
at every beat.
Surging, bursting forward…
The way your breath catches,
And your lungs burn,
From the fatigue,
Clawing away,
At your worn out,
Sleep deprived mind.
Bleary drowsy,
Sleep deprived eyes,
Waiting and watching,
For a sign,
For a hint of victory.
For the warm welcome,
Of success and accomplishment,
From all those drops,
Of blood, sweat and tears,
The sum of all your fears,
And broken dreams,
And shattered hopes,
And abundant disappointment,
Gifted to you,
By those you need the most,
In lieu of support and strength,
To keep you from drowning,
To keep you from sinking towards
The deep dark unknown…
Finally vanquished,
Finally laid to rest.
Finally…it’s your time,
To revel,
And to emerge,
Singed, honed and rebuilt,
Stronger than ever before,
From the forges of Hell,
Feel it burn through you,
As you forge ahead,
On towards your destiny,
Towards your path to Heaven.

The volatility within us all….

The above inspiring image via Design You Trust

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