It’s all we want,
It’s all we yearn for,
It’s all we look for,
And wish to possess.
Reveling through the highs,
Drowning through the lows,
Searching…looking for signs,
Looking for answers,
To age old questions,
Of purpose, of will,
Of destiny,
And pre-ordained fate.
Why are we here?
Who are we?
Who are you to me?
And I to you?
Why do I see your face,
When I close my eyes?
Why do the sound,
Of wuthering winds,
And calming gentle breezes,
Remind me of your hearty laughs,
Your mischievous and carefree will,
And benevolent whispers?
Do you feel what I do?
Do you see what I do?
Why do we try to see,
And analyze,
All that we don’t share,
All that makes us different?
The differences set our
Allows us to be our
own lost strangers.
Lost in our own loneliness,
When all we really want,
Is that thread that binds,
The strength that joins,
And breaks down,
All these man-made walls,
That connection that bonds,
Me to You.

The above image belongs to My Life In A Pyramid

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