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Blank Page Beatdown

Hailing from Canada, I usually joke around about the cold in Bangladesh versus other parts of the world. 11 Degrees Celsius? That’s Spring time in Toronto. However, despite living here for the last 2 years, it wasn’t until this week that I realized the severity of the situation in Bangladesh.

One of the staff in our apartment building has a 3-year-old child and was inquiring about possible extra blankets in our house. We inquired why and the story that unfolded was a little surprising.

Apparently, unlike other years, the Government failed to hand out free Blankets to the underprivileged in her area this year. So this maid’s family is cold. Naturally we gathered 2 blankets and gave her some of our 4 year old’s warm clothes for her child right away. But as we thought more about it, we found that the situation is worse than we…

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