Well it’s been a while since I flexed those writing muscles, this piece is kinda choppy, but I guess that’s what happens when your insomnia, late night induced madness and lack of writing does to you and whatever you create during that time. Thanks for stopping by, off to rest muscles and organs that feel slightly overused. As always, feedback is greatly and kindly appreciated!


There are smooth talkers,
There are smoother walkers.
Every waking day,
Every waking second,
People want you to yell,
To scream,
To make one helluva
big deal,
Over every nickel, quarter,
and dime.
Resolution is not the solution
That’s on every single mind.
Rebel, revel, repel,
Revenge, avenge;
Like a mantra,
Running circles,
And endless
meaningless cycles,
Through minds way too many.
A call for heads,
Cries against injustice,
Shrieks tainted,
Sights blinded,
By the strong, surging,
Pounding undercurrents
Of rage and hatred.
Where reason fails,
Where nobody claims responsibility,
For their actions,
But everybody lines up,
To wag a finger, shake their heads,
And hurl accusations too many,
Too merrily.
Is this what we strove for?
Is this what we live for?
Being a lost voice,
A mismatched, dissonant tune,
In the chaos we call life?
Living either as,
An overlooked shadow?
Or, a larger than life egotistical maniac?
Where happiness comes from wreaking
more havoc,
More destruction and imbalance;
Where fear,
Stems not from a threat,
But, from preconceived notions
of impressions created,
And imaginary personas created,
To compensate and accommodate,
What we perceive to be the norm.
Do we strive to remain stuck?
In this current cesspool of
feeble excuses?
To justify all the reasoning
And explanations,
Behind our existence?
And our rather thwarted
and misguided sense of superiority?
Or are we capable of more?
More compassion?
More kindness?
Or were they mythical
And fables told,
To justify means to our ends?

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