In my place,
In my tiny little head space,
I hold out…
I hold out for you,
I hold out for dreams.
I hold onto,
That tiny bit of hope,
Of better days,
Of seeing those shimmering,
Flickering, playful
Beams of the sun’s rays.
Paths crossed,
Lines crossed, mauled and,
And borders redrawn…
Traversing on a path,
Where the only solace,
And comfort in kind sought out,
Is that which I get from my
It begs the question,
Am I living the warrior’s dream?
Or am I on the monk’s journey?
Dreams realigned,
Goals seeming ever so far,
Ever so near,
Through the volley of tears,
Allaying and never quite
assaying your fears.
Where the chill of the winds
of trials and tribulations,
Eat away a little further,
A little deeper into your soul,
A little further into your bones.
Unshaken and unbridled.
Unperturbed by all the deep
gaping gashes and empty holes,
Scoured, unearthed, uprooted,
All in the name of progress,
In the name of surging forward,
Fighting for what’s rightfully
Pushing to reach,
The foretold light at the end
of the tunnel.
Regardless of whether it’s a
startling truth,
Or an ever resounding, eternal
They say perspective counts,
Outlook matters…
But what perspective and outlook,
Do you cast shadows of truth, faith
and hope on?
When all they have ever done,
Is corner you,
Sucker-punch you,
And leave you drifting?
How do fate and destiny,
Seem to have a lesson in store
for you?
When it bleeds your strength
away from you?
When it finds your lowest lows,
To be the perfect time,
To add on the hurdles,
The hurt and the pain?
All in the name of life lessons,
And learning to play the game?
When all the rules ever do,
Is leave us,
Chained and bound,
By the shackles of virtue,
Of principles and honor,
And a belief in being fair and just,
While all around us,
People seem to be twirling,
And reveling in results,
Borne out of injustice and,
So really,
How do you survive?
Do you live a double life?
Or do you give life to a double lie?
Or do you forsake it all,
And succumb to a life of lies?
Devoid of humanity,
Of clarity and purpose?


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