Nurturer, caretaker,
Lover, healer,
Pillar of faith,
Epitome of wisdom,
An eternal myth,
A mystifying conundrum,
A complicated handful.
Mother, daughter,
Wife, sister,
Partner, friend,
She comes in many forms.
Her strength shines through,
Through good times,
And the rougher times.
She completes you,
Like a mirror image,
Like a missing link,
She connects you,
To ever sobering reality.
She’s a dreamer,
She’s a charmer,
And, if you dare deceive her,
Beware her scathing wrath.
She is beauty,
She is warmth.
She makes your heart sing,
Accepts you for your faults.
She toys with your head,
She is the ultimate illusion
If need be,
For you to see,
And to feel this world before you,
The way it is meant to be.
She brings you to life,
For without her,
You and I would cease to be.
She’s always there,
Be it, to hold a hand,
During your darkest hour,
Or to wrap you in an embrace,
To ease your pain and fear,
To celebrate who you are,
And, to remind you,
Of all the best you are,
And, you can be.
And, all the strength,
That resides within you.
Deserves every ounce
of respect.
Every bit of love,
Love, that cannot
Be defined, restrained,
or restricted,
But is unconditional.
Is not helpless,
Nor defenseless,
Nor does she deserve,
To ever be a victim,
To the handicaps,
Or cruelties of mankind.
Is everything you wished for
and more.
So make sure,
Today, everyday,
And forever more,
You cherish her,
And tell her,
What a priceless,
Irreplaceable marvel,
SHE is.


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