Candlelight candlelight
Bringing light,
Burning bright.
Fighting the darkness,
Speaking volumes,
For peace, for hope,
A beacon,
For all those wandering
and lost souls.
Not without purpose,
But without strength.
Not without determination,
But being held down,
By the weight of their
The weight of their purported
Are their cries, screams and
For help, for heart, for
All that’s left,
Are whimpers,
Trembling, quivering…fading.
Unseeing, unaware,
Of your tireless vigil,
Your fearless search,
For those far-gone…
Far between the realms,
Of mortality and the beyond.
Those so far forgotten,
That only your radiant eyes
can see.
The bridge between souls,
The anchor of memories.
Oh candlelight,
Dear candlelight,
Please hold out,
For my guardian and,

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