The Water Spirit

Been a while since I flexed those poetic fingers, but hey you never know when inspiration strikes right? Let me know what you folks think :). Hope everyone’s doing great!

There isn’t a method or structure,
To everything in life,
It flows freely,
Just like water…
With no presumption,
Nor thought.
Just purpose and will.
And, a sense of direction
That sets you on the path
towards freedom.
Revel in that freedom,
Where all shackles have been
Where nobody, and nothing,
Can tie you down,
Or ever hold you back.
And if you haven’t found your way
there yet,
Fear not…
For like the water spirit,
A spirit so ambivalent
Whose innocence, playful,
endearing and childlike spirit,
Warms your heart and soul,
Can just as well show you,
If not, terrify you with,
The power and force with which
You can be swept off your feet,
And shown the darkest and deepest
reaches of the world.
When taken for granted, or held
against it’s will.
Rise…rise above it all,
And with that very same intensity,
Push ahead and surge forward,
Towards your freedom,
Away from your chains,
And be exactly who you have
always been,
And who you were always meant
to be.


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