The Creativity Problem

Like lights strung together,
Two disembodied souls;
Colliding, Crashing,
Lost in the confusion
of their own conundrums;
Seeking release,
Relinquishing control.
Up, up and away,
Into the dark abyss,
Of doubt, of mystery…
Will they be found?
Will they remain lost?
Stuck in a constant
state of purgatory?
Lying in wait,
For the right light-seeker,
To seek them out,
From this eternal dark night.
Where creativity and its
multiple muses,
Seem to be sentenced to an
eternity of suffocation.
Is this the curse of writer’s block?
Or the wrath of overused and
overstated plots?
Will the brave and gallant possessor,
Of imagination of unfathomable
Finally take,
That enormous leap into
And choppy murky waters?
If only to protect and project,
That which has been unseen
and unheard of,
And unveil and unleash
It’s mysterious ingenuity
Upon us all unwitting


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