The Observer’s Disposition

Been a while since the words found their flow, guess you could attribute it to some sort of blocked ‘chi’ or real life being a pain in the arse :P. Well here’s fall’s finest product (or at least the start of the collection) from that lil’ thot generating faktoree in my head. Hope you’re all finding inspiration in every nook and cranny you take a sneak peek into!

The Observer’s Disposition

With transition,
Come unnecessary explanations;
Forgotten propositions,
Unjustified clarifications,
Laughable declarations,
Dreadful miscommunications,
Unforgettable misinterpretations,
Inexplicable exclamations;
Gone are the visitations,
But, through it all,
Nobody visits that past position,
Of how it all started,
Or why it all started.
Downed and drowned,
Are all those thoughts in multiple
And so,
We chose to move on,
Consciously or unconsciously,
Freeing ourselves from violations,
And promising more regulations,
To weave our ways out,
Through these multiple juxtapositions,
So as to ease our particular transition,
Through this confounding revelation
called life.


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