In Memoriam

Hey all,

It has most definitely been a while. I haven’t forgotten this sacred space o’ mine, but life and all it’s lil’ beasties have been chasing me down. Keeping up with those beasties can be quite tedious. Definitely feels like the creativity I once thought, quite selfishly might I add, I possessed is definitely slipping away. It almost feels as if my creativity is channeling it’s inner Gotye and singing “Somebody I Used to Know” to me on a rather daily basis. So what’s the best way to get back to it? That’s right, beat the creativity back into yourself and subject the world to my verbal carnage!! Well, I think I’ve written up enough of an intro. If you would be ever so kind, please do share your thoughts down below in the comments section and I hope life is treating you all very well!

Without further ado,

In Memoriam

People live and die,
Quotes come into existence,
Beliefs, values and principles
burn out and dry;
Memoirs, epitaphs,
Are all that’s left behind,
As minor reminders of major
turning points.
Constant reminders,
Of inspiration, motivation
and peace,
Are, thrown at us,
While we drown,
In the troubled waters,
Of indifference, ignorance
and strife.
While we thrive,
Off of the small differences,
That separate and divide us,
Instead, of holding on,
To all that makes us one.
Who hears the whispers of
When we are all so wrapped
In screaming and shouting out
our differences?
What a mockery
Have we made of ourselves?
For we have trampled,
And laid waste,
To paths paved,
And history made,
By martyrs slain,
Who struggled, fought and strove,
Against all odds,
Towards the vision,
Of a brighter future and,
better tomorrow.
Now all that remains,
Of their dreams and struggles,
Are folded and yellowed
And immovable, speechless
apathetic statues;
Watching….as time passes on by,
As we struggle and suffer,
The fate of our actions.

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Haha thanks bud! About time I gave this space a new look. Was going for sum’n lively with a hint of me. Not sure if I’d agree that the owl and I share any sorta resemblance :P.

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