Through the Looking Glass Series

Hey  hey one and all,

So as we all know, I have a huge dent in my heart and soul for all things linked to creativity. Initially when I conjured up T-Faktoree I thought I’d do a lot of awesome things like movie reviews and series reviews (which I do every once in a while) or music reviews (there hasn’t been much happening on the music scene to write home about, to be quite honest.) Well the plan included all of the above as well as flooding your visual spaces with a barrage of words strung together in the form of poetry or short stories. I did think about posting chapters to some of my longer tales, but let’s face it, while you all have been brave enough to endure the poetry and short stories, going through actual stories I’ve written takes up a lot of patience. Now while I would love to enthrall you all with my movie reviews and what not, I find I’d like to share my perspective in terms of impact vs. presentation. Not sure if you get my drift, but, here’s the deal…I want to do a little more than say ‘Oh yeah that was a sound screenplay’ or aaahhh check out the filters they used or the type of cameras and lighting and effects they used and then some. Sure flicks are a thing of the imagination, they’re fictional…but all things fictional stem from a certain element of truth. Sharing, sentiments & opinions…those are the ingredients that make my cuppa tea. If you wanna hop on along for the ride, I’d only be more than happy to share the journey :).

OH! Speaking of movie reviews, here’s a blog you MUST follow! Not only is every aspect and angle of a movie review covered, but c’mon who doesn’t love reviews served up with a side of sarcasm & wit! For more movie awesome-ness check out Shah’s Page!

On that note, hope everyone is doing great and finding their slice of happiness everyday :)!


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